26 mins.
Starring: Cleo Nicole (Mom) & Angela (Daughter)


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We've FINALLY decided to do a very kinky Mother & Daughter bondage video! For years we've been getting requests for this kind of video but had never actively ventured into this forbidden territory...UNTIL NOW! Get ready to experience the depths of Paragon kinkiness in this VERY HOT video that is sure to be one of the best 'Mother & Daughter' bondage videos you'll ever see!

Barely legal blonde cutie Angela (in cute jean shorts, socks & sneakers) talks with her mother (lovely MILF Cleo Nicole wearing pantyhose & black high heels) about how much she liked her recent 18th birthday party. The two have a nice 'Mom & Daughter' talk about Angela attending college before Angela calls her boyfriend Chris to talk about partying on Friday night. Mom doesn't like her discussion so she begins to protest. Angela suddenly puts her hand over her Mother's mouth and muffles her while she continues to talk to her boyfriend! Mom keeps 'gag talking' while her daughter's hand covers her mouth to no avail. When Angela hangs up her Mom puts her hand over Angela's mouth and takes the phone away from her! Angela "MMMMMPH"s and tries to protest but Mom ignores her and keeps her daughter quiet while she calls Chris back! Angela mummbles her protests but Mom keeps her quiet while she tells Chris that Angela isn't going out on Friday. Then Mom hangs up and tells her daughter she's going to work.

Later while Angela sits on her bed talking on her cell phone a masked stalker sneaks into her room and clamps a chloroform cloth over her cute face! Angela "MMMMMPH"s in fear as her sweet boobs are fondled and she's slowly smothered to sleep! Eventually the poor helpless blonde damsel wakes up to find herself bound with duct tape on her bed! As she begins to plead for release Angela's pretty mouth is suddenly sealed by the masked man's hand! the perverted fiend delights in groping her sweet buttcheeks and boobs as she squirms in his grip! He tells her kinky things like how much he loves to keep her quiet and that he's going to have to gag her while she mummbles for all she's worth!

Soon the man shows Angela a huge wad of her mother's dirty pantyhose and crams it into her pleading mouth! Angela desperately tries to talk the man out of his plans but the pantyhose filling her bulging cheeks reduces her words to mummbling gag-talk! Still Angela keeps up her valiant struggles and mummbling even as the man wraps her mouth tightly with layers of gag wrap bandages! The man continues to tease the helpless girl as she 'mmmmmph's in frustration and fondles her while her mother is at work! He tells Angela that her mother will soon be his captive as well, which gets a great response from his gagged and bound victim!

He then picks up his video camera and records Angela's struggles as she rolls around on her bed and tries continuously to cry out through her heavily gagged mouth! He fondles her while getting point-of-view shots for his amusement!

When Mom returns home she enters Angela's room talking about her cruel boss, but suddenly gasps in horror when she sees her daughter wrap gagged and taped up on her bed! She races over and tries to console her "MMMMMPH"ing daughter as Angela tries to warn her mother that she's about to be chloroformed!

While trying to untape her helplessly gagged daughter Mom is suddenly smothered with the chloroform cloth from behind! Angela protests valiantly as she watches her mother struggling and "MMMMMPH"ing intensely in the grip of the cruel masked man as he grabs her boobs and slowly puts her to sleep! Poor Angela can't prevent the drugging of her mother! Soon Mom's eyes roll and she passes out with a muffled sigh. The masked man lays her over the body of her struggling daughter.

When Mom wakes up she's bound with duct tape on the bed and Angela is next to her still bound and trying desperately to cry out to her from her heavily gag wrapped mouth! Mom begins to squirm and asks what's going on but the man quickly handgags her and fondles her boobs as he tells her of his kinky plans for her and her daughter! Mom "MMMMMPH"s heavily as she and Angela exchange looks of helplessness and some quality mother & daughter 'gag talk'! Mom is quite the muffled protester and gives the man's hand all that she can, but he eventually puts her in her place with a fat wad of her dirty pantyhose which he lovingly crams into her big mouth! Mom is shocked at the realization that she is being gagged and humiliated in front of her daughter but the poor helpless MILF can only "MMMMMPH" in dismay as her pantyhose stuffed mouth is then bound with layers of gag wrap!

Soon mother & daughter are face to gagged face squirming and protesting together, forced to acknowledge each others' helplessness, unaware of their fate! The man delights in commenting on them being gagged and helpless and the captive beauties respond with LOTS of spirited 'gag talk' and muffled moaning! The man helps himself to their charms and plays with their lovely bodies as they squirm in his grip! He exposes their boobs and delights in watching their responses as they try desperately to defend each other any way they can!

As the perversion escalates and the man reveals his intentions to sell them into white slavery (sexual slavery) as a pair Angela is stripped naked and pussy groped in front of her angrily "MMMMMPH"ing mother! (This is an incredbly HOT scene) The action builds to a crescendo of excellent struggling and protesting among the best we've ever seen!




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