Amerigana (WW) is back! The sultry amazon superheroine that charmed her way into the heart of comic book fans everywhere with her awesome attitude and sexy struggling, gag-talk/gagged moaning returns to battle evil white slavers and kidnappers of women wherever she finds them! Curvy, cute and buxom the superheroine siren is more dynamic than ever in this RED-HOT follow-up to her smash debut! More campy super-speeches, more chloroforming, more gagging, more battles, etc!

Amerigana is invited by a filmaker to do a documentary on her superheroine adventures. She then talks with him about several of her most perilous bondage adventures! Each scene is represented in a flashback.
In the first scene Amerigana sneaks into the studio of a fake photographer who is kidnapping beautiful young women and calls him out. The man appears and is confronted by the angry costumed crusader who demands that he surrender.

The photographer thinks quickly and outsmarts the amazon super heroine by playing on her ego. He tricks Amerigana into thinking that he is legitimate when he offers to photograph her for a magazine cover. Amerigana poses for him as the man's partner soaks a cloth with chloroform and sneaks up behind her!
Amerigana is in the middle of striking a pose when she's suddenly attacked and chloroformed from behind! The man roughly fondles the amazon's big boobs as she "MMMPH"s and struggles! Soon the superheroine beauty is chloroformed to sleep and carried away over-the-shoulder!

Amerigana is kept as a drugged captive of the men as he plays with her curvy body and ties her up. Amerigana regains her strength but finds that she's been tightly bound! She tries to talk tough but her captors tightly cleave gag her and tease her about being their helpless prisoner! Amerigana struggles and thrashes all over the bed as she "MMMPH"s at the photographer (camera's point-of-view)! The man eventually returns to fondle her some more before chloroforming her to sleep. What will be Amerigana's fate?

Amerigana visits the winner of her new contest 'Spend a Day With Amerigana' but finds out that her lawyer sold her out to an obsessed fan and made sure she was contracted to do whatever the fan wants! Again Amerigana is subjected to the desires of another bondage loving fan and his buddy! Amerigana tries to talk her way out of it but the fan handgags her (camera's point-of-view) and forces her to accept his domination. Amerigana submits due to her honorable nature and is chloroformed from behind by the fan's buddy!

Amerigana is bound on a bed with white tape and wakes up to find herself in dire peril! She tries to be defiant but a tight handgag quickly muffles her demands as the thug gropes her body and another one (camera's point-of-view) fondles her boobs as well! As the amazon super beauty struggles they tell her how she's going to be tormented by their orgasmic device until her will is broken and she becomes their obedient sex slave! Amerigana continues her defiance even as the device is taped to her crotch! The thug activates the device and sends waves of orgasmic torment through the bound super heroine! The buzzing sound of the device can be heard as Amerigana struggles to free herself in time. Eventually Amerigana breaks free but is jumped and chloroformed before she can get away!

Amerigana teaches fighting techniques to a fan (a kinky fan who likes to wear a ski-mask and play 'the bad guy') when the fan decides to play his role for keeps! He tricks Amerigana into allowing him to sneak up behind her and attacks her with chloroform! Amerigana is shocked and caught off-guard as her face is covered with the chloroform cloth! The fan overpowers her and eventually knocks her out! He delights in fondling the unconscious superheroine's lovely body then kidnaps her, carrying her away (over-the-shoulder)!

Amerigana is tightly bound with ropes and is soon handgagged, fondled, and ballgagged as she defiantly protests! Amerigana fumes with anger at the indignity of being ballgagged and the fan torments her with kinky comments! The super damsel struggles and "MMMMMPH"s mightily but can't dislodge the ballgag and soon begins to drool on herself. The fan (camera's point-of-view) takes liberties fondling Amerigana's big boobs as she struggles and moans! Eventually the fan chloroforms the super beauty to sleep! What will become of our poor heroine?

Finally, Amerigana recounts her adventure with the 'Diamond Thieves of Central City' in which she busts in on them, delivers a powerful speech but is suddenly chloroformed from behind! The thugs carry Amerigana over-the-shoulder to a chair where she's bound with duct tape! Amerigana wakes and begins her protesting but several strips of duct tape are plastered over her mouth to keep her under control! Amerigana struggles intensely as she's fondled and teased by the thugs. They let her squirm in bondage for a while before returning to chloroform her again!

Who will Amerigana finally defeat and beat to a pulp? Find out in this exciting release!





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