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Amerigana is back! The super sensual buxom beauty returns in her 3rd series of bondage adventures! We believe this is the hottest volume in the series yet! Amerigana is super sexy and as defiant as ever as she gives a stunning performance!

In the opening scene Amerigana sneaks into the headquarters of the villains who have stolen her artwork for her new comic book! She busts into their office and demands that they hand over her artwork! She corners one of the thugs and questions him while another thug soaks a cloth in chloroform (the main substance that renders her helpless) and sneaks up behind the angry Amazon beauty! The cornered thug tells Amerigana that she'll be going to sleep pretty soon and when she asks him what he's talking about she's suddenly grabbed from behind and the chloroform cloth is clamped over her face! Amerigana "MMMPH"s heavily as she's groped and slowly drugged to sleep!

Amerigana finally passes out and is thrown over the thug's shoulder. He rubs her buttcheeks as he carries her to a place where they can tie her up (some on-screen tying shown). When she wakes up Amerigana tries to demand answers but is tightly handgagged, groped and tormented by her captors! Soon she's gagged with 3 strips of duct tape plastered over her mummbling defiant mouth! One of the thugs videotapes the scene while his buddy has fun with Amerigana's buxom, voluptuous body, eventually pulling down her top to expose her bouncing boobs! The super Amazon struggles and "MMMPH"s heavily in protest as she's spanked, boob groped and teased by the bad guys! The thugs let Amerigana struggle on the bed for a while before returning to chloroform her back to sleep! What will become of the super damsel?

In the next scene Amerigana goes to a TV studio to star in her new TV series but is suprised to find only two masked men in the studio. However Amerigana is so starstruck that she throws caution to the wind and falls for their scam! They have fun rehearsing the first scene where she gets chloroformed and kidnapped and when one of the thugs fondles her she tells them that it wasn't in the script! He makes her breath some of the chloroform and when she complains about the smell they talk her into continuing the scene anyway! Amerigana finally realizes that she's been tricked but it's too late! The thug behind her clamps the chloroform pad back over her face and grabs her big boobs tightly! Amerigana is shocked and struggles in his grip as the other guy shoots the scene with his video camera! As Amerigana "MMMPH"s defiantly and is slowly put to sleep she is told that she's being seen live on an adult channel!

Amerigana is slowly knocked out and carried away over the shoulder. She is then duct taped to a chair and wakes up slowly. The thugs begin to tease her (lots of handgagging and more chloroforming / half groggy protesting) and when she fully wakes up she gets defiant! Amerigana is shocked and "MMMPH"s in dismay as her sassy mouth is heavily duct taped, her emotions going from 'helpless and pleading' to 'angry and fuming' and back again in this HOTscene! The thugs take turns groping the lovely captive super heroine and watch while she struggles to break free. Will Amerigana escape or will she be chloroformed again?

Next Amerigana is on the phone with comic book writer telling him that her artwork is safe and that her new comic should be shipping right on schedule. She talks about the thugs whole stole her artwork and says that she wants to put them behind bars. Little does the super siren know that the thugs are sneaking up behind her as she speaks! One of them suddenly grabs Americana while the other one videotapes the attack! The thug clamps a chloroform cloth over Amerigana's gasping mouth and heavily gropes her titanic tits as she struggles to get up from the chair. Amerigana uses her special abilities to break free of the thug but he is a formidable villain and quickly grabs her again before she can get away! He finally chloroforms the squirming, protesting super beauty to sleep then throws her over his shoulder.

Amerigana is then bound with ropes to a chair and wakes up to the taunting voice of the thugs. She argues with them for a while until they get tired of her defiant threats and tightly ballgag her! Amerigana is punished and groped as the bad guys torment her and tease her! She is eventually stripped of her top and her bare boobs are heavily squeezed! (This is a really HOT ballgag scene, with Amerigana desperately trying to form words of defiance!) Amerigana fumes with anger and whines to be freed but the thugs are merciless and watch her as she struggles helplessly bound and ballgagged! Eventually they decide to knock her out again. Will Amerigana stop them or is she destined to breath the sleep-inducing fumes again?

In the next scene Amerigana tracks down her arch nemesis the leader of the White Slavers! She busts in on their operation and stands triumphantly in their midst! She confidently announces that she has foiled their plans again but she doesn't see the slaver sneaking up behind her soaking a handkerchief in chloroform! The leader tells her that it's time for her to go to sleep and the slaver strikes from behind! Amerigana is quickly groped and slowly drugged with the chloroform cloth! (This is a VERY hot chloroform scene!) The slaver throws Amerigana over his shoulder and carries her to a bed waiting just for her! He ties up the super beauty and straps her wrists overhead to a neutralizing bar that saps her strength! He then gropes her until she wakes up and the villains tell her of their evil plans! Amerigana is defiant but is handgagged and then cleave gagged! The to be subjected to the Orgasmic Tormentor, a device which could spell the end for our costumed cutie!

Amerigana endures the deadly sensations of the Orgasmic Tormentor which makes her squirm in orgasmic pleasure while bound and gagged (another really HOT scene)! Will she break free before she can be destroyed?!? Don't miss the exciting final hand-to-hand battle in this top-notch release!




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