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Christina Carter and Kordelia Devonshire are Amerigana and Star Girl! Two beautiful super heroines battling the forces of perversity in a city of cruel bondage fiends! The buxom duo battle brutal white slavers, and Amerigana battles deranged fans and cruel thugs in the latest capers from this classic series!

Amerigana and Star Girl track a band of notorious white slavers to their hidden underground complex! As the two super beauties search for the bad guys together Star Girl impetuously moves ahead of Amerigana. Suddenly a trap door opens and Amerigana falls through with a quick gasp! Star Girl doesn't see her disappear and is totally unaware that Amerigana has fallen into a trap! Amerigana drops to the floor below and into the arms of a perverted white slaver! The super amazon is immediately attacked and a chloroform cloth is clamped tightly over her face! Amerigana 'MMMPH's as her famous titanic tits are assaulted and groped intensely! She struggles to get free but the thug has the advantage of suprise and chloroform! Amerigana has already become weakened by the fumes! It isn't long before she he is slowly drugged into a groggy state and is given the 'Wonder Woman / Fausta' treatment (she is questioned by the thug). When he's finished with her he covers her mouth once more with the pad of cloth and sends the amazon beauty to sleep in a flurry of groggy moans and rolling eyes!

When Star Girl returns to the spot where Amerigana disappeared she too falls through the trapdoor and into the room below! The star caped cutie falls next to Amerigana who lays unconscious next to her, one of the thugs keeping Amerigana drugged with the chloroform pad. Star Girl tres to quickly get back to her feet but another thug clamps a chloroform pad over her beautiful face and smothers her with it, while fondling her boobs! Star Girl gives a valiant struggle but alas she too falls prey to the anaesthetic fumes! As she struggles to stay awake Star Girl tries desperately to pry the other thug's groping hands from Amerigana's face and boobs. But it's no use and the star-spangled sisters soon both become unconscious playthings for the evil fiends!

The white slavers carry each of the super beauties over the shoulder to a waiting bed and fondle them while they're knocked out. Then they tie them both up (on-screen)! When Star Girl wakes up she's handgagged and kept quiet until Amerigana wakes up. After lots of boob fondling Amerigana comes around but is very groggy. She is also handgagged and forced to watch Star Girl get tightly ballgagged! Star Girl 'MMMPH's dramatically at the indignity of being gagged and is forced to watch as Amerigana has her mouth heavily duct taped in front of her! The two super babes are then teased and tormented by the thugs and their ominous unseen 'Master' who gives them kinky orders which they easily carry out!

Amerigana and Star Girl struggle for a while in bondage, making lots of sexy protests and squirming melodramatically! They try to free each other several times to no avail and the thugs come back to tease them for being their helpless captives! Finally both super beauties are chloroformed back to sleep!

In the next scene the white slavers have the two captive super heroines at gunpoint! The slaver with the gun pulls out a strange injection device and forces Amerigana to let him inject her in the buttcheek with it! Then he does the same to Star Girl! Soon the two super crusaders begin to feel the strange effects of the drug! The slaver then commands them to battle each other! Amerigana and Star Girl begin to battle each other in a power match! Amerigana gives it her all and flips Star Girl onto a nearby bed, but Star Girl gets the upper hand and pins Amerigana between her legs! Amerigana is helpless to break free and Star Girl is given a chloroform pad to finish her off! What will be the outcome of this battle of the drugged heroines?!? Who will emerge victorious?!?

Next, Amerigana returns to her hotel room after a day of signing autographs only to find two voyeuristic fans waiting to get her autograph in private! One of the fans shoots video footage of her reaction! Amerigana gives them a super speech about breaking the law but the fans are determined to get her autograph anyway! Her 'chloroform autograph'! One of them jumps Amerigana from behind and clamps a chloroform cloth over her gasping face! The super amazon begins to struggle as her big boobs are fondled heavily but she's soon a helpless plaything for the deranged fans who both play with her boobs while she slowly passes out! Amerigana is then carried over the shoulder to her bed where she's fondled and toyed with by the gleeful fans!

When she wakes up Amerigana is tied up with ropes (on-screen). At one point she wakes up while she's being bound and has to be handgagged by the cameraman (nice point of view shot here) and teased before getting chloroformed back to sleep by the other fan! He finishes binding the super beauty and the men have fun with her bound and unconscious body until she wakes up. Amerigana is groggy at first but soon realizes she's being fondled so she has to be cleave gagged to keep her quiet! The super damsel alternates between defiant muffled demands and helpless pleading which reveals her submissive nature when bound! Amerigana is challenged to try and escape so she gives it her all and tries desperately to get free! But the ropes won't yield to her power and Amerigana eventually loses the challenge! For her punishment she's chloroformed again!

Next Amerigana is laying on her bed, proof-reading her newest comic book before it goes to press. Two thugs sneak in and menace the lovely super heroine! One of them shoots video of her capture while the other jumps on her and chloroforms her! Amerigana puts up a desperate fight and manages to kick the thug off her! He flies against the wall and Amerigana is after him in an instant! She grabs the fiend and demands that he tell her what he's up to, but the thug is an expert kidnapper and quickly manuevers the chloroform cloth back over Amerigana's shocked face! Amerigana protests intensely as she's held by the thug and groped! A great chloroform battle continues as Amerigana threatens to beak free, only to finally be drugged and dominated in the end! The thugs play with her knocked out body, then carries her over the shoulder to a chair and ties her up!

Amerigana wakes up to a tight handgag! She is told by the thugs that her comic contains incriminating details about their operations so they need to make some changes before the issue is printed! The super amazon is then gagged with several strips of white tape and her big boobs are fondled heavily as she struggles and 'MMMPH's dramatically! The one thug shoots her on video as she struggles and protests at the camera quite often (this is a hot scene). At one point she's given more chloroform to calm her down only to regain her strength soon afterwards and continues her struggles until she has to be completely chloroformed to sleep!

In the next scene the thugs have tied Amerigana spread-eagle to her bed! She wakes up and is gagged with duct tape! The super heroine damsel is told that she has to be destroyed now, the only way known to man! One of the thugs reveals the latest model of the bizarre orgasmic tormentor! Amerigana pleads helplessly for mercy as the device is duct taped to her crotch and turned on! Spasms of orgasmic intensity rip through Amerigana's body as she struggles and 'MMMPH's in a sexual euphoria that borders on insanity! Will she escape before the orgasmic tormentor can dominate her will and destroy her forever?!?


Featuring several nice point-of-view chloroforming shots (with the camera man doing the chloro/groping) that puts the viewer right in on the action!)






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