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Gorgeous blondes Danielle and Melody are very cute and charming girls with great bodies who deliver excellent sexually kinky performances in several RED HOT scenes where they subdue each other with chloroform and tight handgags so that their naughty hands can roam freely over their drugged victim's bodies! This is one sexy release with lots of girl-on-girl chloro smothering and several scenes of male-on-female chloroforming!

In the first scene Danielle and Melody are two gorgeous models who are posing for a new photographer. The cute girls pose and preen for his camera as he tells them how beautiful they are. The trouble starts when Melody gets arrogant and insists that the photographer get shots of her posing solo without Danielle. The anger builds in Danielle and she confronts her 'friend' about being so vain! Then the two beauties soon begin handgagging each other and a sexy cat fight starts! The girls trade handgags and spankings as they roll around on the bed in this sexy scene. Eventually they are forced to end their fight!

Later that night when the two blonde models are sleeping peacefully in their hotel room the photographer returns with chloroform in hand! He slowly approaches the lovely sleeping girls and admires their beautiful curvy bodies! He places his chloroform cloth in front of Melody's face and allows her to breathe the fumes without the cloth touching her face so that she will be weaker when she finally wakes up! (Melody's stirring reactions to the fumes while she's sleeping is great). He then decides that it's time to strike! The man suddenly clamps the chloroform cloth over Melody's cute face! Melody's beautiful blue eyes open wide in shock and she "MMMMMPH"s in terror! The man keeps the cloth pressed tightly over the struggling model's protesting mouth and forces her to inhale the anesthetic fumes!

Melody looks over to Danielle as she's being chloroformed but her sleeping friend is unable to hear her deeply muffled cries for help as the chloroform works its way through her luscious body. Soon Melody loses the fight and her eyes roll beautifully as she passes out! The man stares at the drugged body of his first captive and admires his prize! Danielle is his next victim and is given the same treatment! Soon both girls are deeply drugged into unconsciousness and the man gleefully looks over their sweet scantily-clad bodies
savoring the long night ahead!

Eventually Melody is awakened and the man explains to her that they ruined his shoot when she and Danielle fought with each other. He tells her that he is desperate to replace the money that he lost so he has agreed to make a custom movie for a kinky fan who wants to see the two blonde beauties battling each other and drugging one another with chloroform cloths! Melody tries to protest but a tight handgag teaches her the first lesson of discipline. The man then begins to direct the kinky custom movie by having Melody wake up Danielle and begin fighting with her!

Poor cute Danielle is awakened from her deep drugged sleep and is handgagged and forced to fight with her friend for the amusement of the kinky director! The two girls roll around sexily on the bed and spank each other /strip each other while chloroforming and groping each other's boobs, much to the delight of the man as he teases them about being defeated, getting chloroformed, and generally verbally torments them with kinky comments! Soon an all-out chloro marathon begins! Every time one of them wakes up the other girl chloroforms her again! The girls knock each other out repeatedly but are also chloroformed by the man several times throughout this epic scene! What will become of the helpless 'sleepy' models?!?

In the next scene beautiful blonde undercover Secret Agent B (Danielle) slowly enters the apartment of a 'target' whom she plans on seducing (wearing a cute, VERY short black skirt, high-heels and a cute purple bra). She looks around for the target but can't find him. Instead she sees evidence that another woman was already there! As she looks through the woman's purse rival blonde Secret Agent K (Melody) sneaks up behind the unsuspecting spy girl with a chloroform pad in hand! She slowly creeps up and suddenly clamps the cloth over Agent B's gasping mouth and gropes her boobs as the surprised agent "MMMMMPH"s and squirms in her rival's grip! Agent K tells her captive to give in to the chloroform and to go to sleep, which Agent B has no choice but to do! Soon the sweet blonde spy girl is putty in the hands of her perverse and sadistic rival! Agent K lowers her prey to the ground and makes a kinky comment before leaving the chloro cloth lying next to her.

Agent B wakes up to find she's the helpless prisoner of Agent K who delights in handgagging the pretty damsel and fondling her lovely body! Each time the captive spygirl's strength begins to return and she attempts to escape she is chloroformed! The poor agent is relieved of her top and her cute boobs bounce free, into the waiting hands of the kinky evil agent! Agent K sometimes knocks the blonde beauty completely out and sometimes keeps her groggy while she gropes and spanks her drugged victim! Eventually Agent K lets down her guard while communicating with another secret agent on her communicator and Agent B gets the chloroform cloth in her grasp! The vengeful blonde spy girl stalks her rival and carefully waits for the right moment to strike! Agent K finishes her conversation but is caught completely by surprise when the chloroform pad is tightly clamped over her beautiful face!

Agent K protests greatly as her big boobs are groped and she's forced to inhale the sleep-inducing fumes! Agent B maintains her grip on her rival and keeps the cloth in place as Agent K is drugged and her eyes begin to roll! Soon the formerly dominant agent is put to sleep and passes out in the arms of the vengeful blonde! Smothered into submission Agent K now becomes the victim and is subjected to the same kinky cruelties that she committed upon her rival! Stalked by the hungry goping hands of Agent B the groggy rival Agent K is drugged every time she tries to regain her strength and is slowly stripped of her clothes! The helpless agent tries to escape only to have her cute turquoise panties pulled off, soaked in chloroform and shoved in her face, smothering her with more of the chloro fumes mixed with the scent of her own arousal!
(This is a SUPER HOT CHLORO SCENE! No cutaways! You see her panties pulled completely off, soaked, and see her chloroformed to sleep beautifully!)

The naked Agent K is taken back to the bed and is then subjected to even more torment! Agent B is then offered the sleeping Agent's job by her rival's boss! She is forced to chloroform herself to show her allegiance to the agency! When Agent B passes out on the bed next to Agent K the 'boss' reveals his true intentions! What will be the fate of the gorgeous drugged spy girls?!?

Next Melody is talking on her cellphone (wearing cute tight shorts and a tight sexy zipped down jacket that shows off her buxom cleavage) to a friend about her new girlfriend Danielle who is turning out to be very kinky! She talks about how Danielle wants to put her to sleep with chloroform and roleplay with her! As she 'kinky-talks' Danielle sneaks out of her bathroom and comes up behind Melody with a chloroform cloth in her hand! Melody's sweetly smiling face is suddenly smothered with chloroform and her plump boobs are groped by her obsessed girlfriend! Melody's naked boobs are revealed during the struggle and she 'MMMPH's in fear as Danielle says lots of kinky thing to her like 'sleep, sleep' and 'I know...I'm kinky', 'let's go to the bed' (as she guides the super groggy girl to her bed). Melody is laid on the bed and her sexy chloroforming is completed as her eyes roll beautifully amidst her fading sighs!

Melody is then subjected to hand gaggings, merciless groping, and repeated chloroformings, including cruel cat-and-mouse pursuits where she's slowly stripped naked! Still her torment continues as she tries to escape only to be smothered with chloroform again! Danielle is truly merciless with her naked captive and keeps the kinky 'sleepy' comments going as she torments her victim with chloroform! What will be the fate of the naked blonde beauty?!?

In the final scene Melody gets her revenge and sneaks up on Danielle while she's sleeping in her lingerie. She fondles Danielle's cute body which eventually causes Danielle to wake up to a chloroform nighmare! Danielle gets the same treatment she gave Melody and the kinky comments that lovely Melody has for her victim are very sexy! Melody plays with Danielle's boobs and cute ass, while Danielle moans in groggy submission. Danielle is stripped of her panties and her boobs bounce free as she endures tight hand gagging, teasing, and lots of relentless fondling! She's treated like the helpless chloroformed slave that she is! What will be the outcome of this kinky scene?!?



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