Starring: Jenny Anderson & Tina

65 MIN



Fan fave Jenny Anderson returns in a very HOT video that's very thrilling and kinky!

When her car breaks down poor Jenny is stranded on a lonely road and waves down the first car that passes her way. When she sees that he's wearing a ski-mask she screams and makes a run for it. The stalker chases her through the woods until he overtakes her and chloroforms the helpless blonde while she begs for mercy. He carries her in his arms back to his truck and kidnaps her, holding her in his basement & keeping her all to himself. He binds her to a chair and cleave-gags her while Jenny struggles & moans heavily. His hands are free to roam her soft body and he soon strips her topless. Will she escape? Jenny gives her best performance ever in this very hot scene.

Sultry blonde beauty Tina Carrington is an innocent college schoolgirl who goes to her teacher's house to work on an 'extra credit' assignment. Little did Tina know that the assignment involved chloroform and that she was to be the teacher's pet... his bondage pet! The innocent blonde is chloroformed and fondled intensely, then tightly bound, hand-gagged, chloroformed again, and gagged with layers of duct tape when she wakes up. The teacher gives her a few lessons in submission and roughly fondles her sweet body.

In one scene Tina is a babysitter with a serious stalker problem. She calls her girlfriend and talks about his threats to chloroform her and tie her up. She decides to ignore his threats but is soon smelling the sweet fumes of chloroform as the stalker has his way with her plump breasts! Tina puts up a good struggle but the stalker is more powerful and she is soon drugged on the kitchen floor while he fondles her body.

Soon Tina finds herself the bound prisoner of the cruel stalker. He delights in chloroforming & hand-gagging her while groping her body and ballgags her tightly when she protests. She struggles to free herself when he leaves, but the ropes bind her in place until he returns. He gropes her again & changes her gag into a thick cleave-gag. Tina's struggling and gagged moaning is superb.

In another scene she's a cute nurse who is busy typing away at her work station when a patient steals a bottle of chloroform & medical tape and targets the busy blonde. She is dramatically chloroformed and groped by the hungry hands of the patient as he fullfills his fantasy of capturing a beautiful nurse and making her his bondage slave. He delights in removing her stockings and high-heels and tightly binds her with rolls of medical tape. When she wakes up Tina is heavily gagged with medical tape and her bondage nightmare begins as the patient's hands grope her lovely body and strip her naked.

Two georgeous blondes in tight bondage & muffling gags, with lots of chloroform scenes & plenty of breast / body fondling. This is one HOT video!



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