1 Hour



Akira Lane is a sensational Japanese cutie who is an amazing talent and one of the most sensual models we've ever worked with! She is super-sexy and super-nice, the perfect 'victim' for our brand of chloro action! Her subtle actions and movements / sounds are VERY sexy and will suprise the most ardent chloro fans. Words cannot fully describe the RED HOT scenes in this DVD but we'll try!

Akira is a cute party girl putting on her make-up in the bathroom mirror (talking sweetly about the night being special, wearing her cute pink shirt which says SILLY GIRL), but her kinky neighbor (who lusts after cute asian women) has his own plans for the Japanese beauty! Akira fluffs up her hair, makes some more cute comments then walks through her house ... and is suddenly attacked by the stalker! The man suddenly clamps a chloroform pad over her shocked face and quickly clenches her boobs from behind! Akira gasps and lets out a sexy flurry of "MMMPH"s and "MMMMM"s as the man heavily gropes her boobs through her shirt! She struggles nicely as the man dominates her and muffles her considerable protests. The fumes of the cloth soon overpower the jade princess and she's slowly put to sleep.

As Akira's eyes roll sleepily and her sexy sighs become longer and more exhausted the man lifts up her shirt to expose her beautiful boobs, which he gleefully fondles as he lowers his prey to the ground. Akira passes out beautifully and her boobs are lovingly rubbed and groped by the hungry fiend! He throws his helpless captive over his shoulder, then flips up her short jean skirt (exposing her cute pink and white panties), and rubs / smacks her buttcheeks as he carries her over to her bed. There he lays the unconscious Japanese girl and plays with her body as he wishes. He makes sure to expose her panties often by pulling up her skirt and indulges in lots of handgagging of her gorgeous face. Akira eventually wakes up from her first chloro nap and is very groggy (her groggy eyes and sleepy moans are some of the best ever).

The Japanese beauty is immediately handgagged and moans seductively as her eyes roll in drugged ecstacy. She slowly begins to protest more and more as she regains her senses so the man drugs her back to sleep in another sexy chloro attack featuring Akira's wonderful muffled protests and incomparable eye rolling! She slowly passes out again as her bare boobs are groped but her chloro torment is only begining! The man continues to delight in playing with his sleepy victim's lovely body throughout the night as he subjects the Japanese beauty to cruel cat-and-mouse games! Akira repeatedly tries to get away from him only to be grabbed and teased by the man as she fummbles with the door lock! She gets chloroformed over and over again and endures relentless fondling and more over-the-shoulder carrying action!

Next Akira is a cute college girl working hard on her laptop. She orders a pizza as she works on the computer but soon falls asleep. She is awakened by the pizza man knocking on the door and gleefully goes to answer the door talking cutely to herself and smiling sweetly. She invites the pizza guy inside and goes to get her money, but the man has other plans for her. He sneaks up behind the Japanese cutie as she gets her money ready then he strikes! Akira looks genuinely suprised and confused as the man covers her face with a wet chloroform cloth and suddenly grabs her boobs! She lets forth a sexy flurry of muffled moans (laced with some nice gag-talk) as she's drugged by the lustful delivery deviant!

At one point Akira gets the cloth away from her face but before she can scream the cloth is clamped back in place and secures her fate! Soon the asian sweetie slowly passes out and becomes the helpless captive of the chloro tormenting fiend! The groggy co-ed is subjected to lots of fondling, some nice handgagging, butt rubbing, and repeated chloroformings! What will become of the helpless co-ed as she's slowly stripped of her skirt and shirt?

Next Akira is a bored housewife all alone (barefoot, in her cute panties and red see-through night shirt). She jumps into bed, grabs the remote and tries to find something interesting to watch on TV. Soon she becomes sleepy and slowly passes out. A voyeur who lusts after beautiful asian girls sneaks into her home and creeps up on the Japanese beauty as she sleeps. He slowly runs his black leather gloved hands over her body and squeezes her boobs and butt lightly to test the sleeping beauty's reaction. Akira slumbers deeply and doesn't wake up. The man's roving hands soon become bolder with each moment and he's soon giving her a full topless grope-down! Akira soon begins to stir, and sleepily brushes his hands away but goes back to sleep immediately.

The man continues his lustful exploration and Akira soon begins to wake up. She is very groggy but eventually notices that she's being fondled and gasps in horror as she discovers her attacker! The man quickly acts to subdue her cries with his trusty chloroform cloth and covers her face, muffling her protests. His groping intensifies as he wrestles with the Japanese beauty and he delights in putting her back to sleep as quickly as the fumes will permit! Slowly Akira is drugged back to sleep and her sleepy eyes roll in groggy dismay as her sexy sighs trail off. Now the man can enjoy his catch! He makes the most of their night together complete with more chloroforming, fondling, rubbing, etc. At the end of the scene he puts the cloth over her face, pulls her arms over her head, THEN pulls her nightshirt up over the cloth, which holds the cloth in place, keeping her out for the night!

In the final scene (and possibly the HOTTEST one), Akira is a model who is posing for a new photographer in her cute hot-pink bikini. She talks cutely for a while then the man tells her he wants her to play a kidnap victim in a new scenario. Akira seems worried but agrees to do it. Then the man tells her she's going to be chloroformed! Akira reacts to his suggestion then is suddenly grabbed from behind! The man's partner clamps a chloroform cloth over the Japanese beauty's face and gropes her as she protests cutely and tries to 'gag-talk' her way out of it as she's slowy put to sleep (this scene is SUPER-HOT and very kinky).

Eventually Akira realises too late that the men do mean business but she is too sleepy to escape and rolls her beautiful eyes in her gorgeous inimitable style, passing out in the man's arms. He throws the unconscious asian cutie over his shoulder and rubs / smacks her lovely buttcheeks as he and his partner make kinky comments about their catch! What follows is a wild display of chloro action highlighted by Akira's incredibly convincing performance! She is staked and repeatedly chloroformed, fondled, hand gagged and slowly stripped naked! The men have lots of fun with their 'silly girl' including verbally teasing her, spanking her naked ass, and there are some cute moments where she continues to talk like it's a photo shoot she can simply walk away from!
There are also some nice kinky moments where she calls the men 'perverts' before getting chloroformed again ;)







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