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Just after announcing that we had created our one of our best chloro videos to date (the INCREDIBLY HOT AKIRA LANE SLEEPY 1) we have to say that we may well have exceeded that mark AGAIN! Sequels aren't usually as good as the originals but we truly feel that we may have just created an even hotter chloro video than the original! Super HOT Japanese beauty Akira Lane is definitely one of the most charming women to ever indulge chloro fans! She is a great, sexy struggler with a natural sensuality that elevates her scenes above the norm! Akira is in fine form here in this exciting follow-up to her destined-to-be-classic debut!

In the first scene Akira is a cute college co-ed who is in her kitchen getting ready to fix dinner for a guy who she met online. She moves around the kitchen in her cute pink top, sexy short skirt & high heels, then decides to call her girlfriend to ask for her advice. Akira tells her friend about the kinky guy who she met online and how he wants to 'chloroform role play' with her. She describes what he wants to do in detail (this is a hot scene) even as the guy sneaks into the kitchen behind her, soaking a handkerchief in chloroform! Suddenly he strikes! The obsessed man quickly clamps the chloroform cloth over the gorgeous Japanese girl's face! Akira "MMMMMPH"s in shock as her boobs are heavily groped by a hungry hand!

The man grabs the phone from her and tells her friend that Akira will be having a good night then hangs up! Akira struggles and mumbles feeble protests as she's slowly chloroformed and fondled! Soon she begins to get very sleepy and her beautiful eyes begin to roll in drugged ecstasy! Her cute protests trail off as she becomes too weak to fight and the captive beauty finally gives in to the overwhelming embrace of sleep! Akira is then lowered to the ground. The man then has his way with her lovely breasts, pulling up her skirt to expose her cute red panties! He then carries her over his shoulder around the kitchen slowly spinning her around then lays her back down! He continues groping her lovely boobs and buttcheeks as she slowly wakes up. He handgags her some more and teases her as he manhandles her cute and smooth skinned body.

Akira is subjected to a cruel cat-and-mouse game as the man stalks his helpless prey with chloroform pad in hand! Akira tries to get away several times only to be grabbed and chloroformed / fondled again just a few feet away from freedom! The man delights in tormenting his sleepy victim as he repeatedly applies the cloth to her gorgeous face to keep her sleepy and sometimes to knock her out completely! The villain slowly strips away poor Akira's clothing piece by piece until she is completely nude! He still insists on playing with her body as she tries to get away and at one point he puts the sleepy naked damsel on the kitchen counter and has a kinky conversation with her (this is one HOT scene). Akira reveals that she loves 'roleplaying' now! She then takes the cloth from his hand and chloroforms herself! With the naked Japanese beauty in a deeply groggy state where she can no longer hold the cloth over her own face the man helps her and sends her on her way to Slumberland! (The comments during this scene are GREAT!)

In the next scene Akira is a cute secretary (in red blouse, black skirt, pantyhose and high-heels) working on her laptop late at night. An obsessed co-worker (or is it her boss?) sneaks into her apartment and stalks her while she tries to finish her work for the next day. The man strikes with chloroform in hand and quickly covers the gorgeous Japanese secretary's face with his drugged cloth! Akira is so shocked by the cloth covering her face that her eyes open wide and she "MMMMMPH"s beautifully with a look of genuine suprise! She tries feebly to pry away her attacker's hands which are now firmly locked in place! One hand covers her lovely face with the chloroform pad while the other hand tightly clenches each of her boobs hungrily!

Akira puts up a great struggle and provides some nice up-the-skirt pantyhose shots which reveal that the naughty secretary is wearing NO PANTIES! Her cute pantyhose crotch is in full view as she kicks and struggles in a masterful shot that also manages to get great shots of her sleepily rolling eyes as she slowly passes out with sweet muffled sighs! He then unbuttons her blouse and pulls her lovely boobs free, which he continuously fondles lovingly! Now the helpless drugged secretary becomes the property of the obsessed man as he subjects her to cruel cat-and-mouse games, repeatedly stalking her as she attempts to escape and chloroforming her repeatedly to keep her sleepy and sometimes to completely knock her out! The man then carries her over the shoulder and rubs her cute buttcheeks as he carries her away. Still the helpless secretary is subjected to more chloroforming until she's knocked out for the night!

Next Akira is the cute bikini model who was chloroformed and kidnapped in CAL-1 ! She returns to modelling after that harrowing ordeal and poses cutely for her new photographer in front of a garden scene as he questions her about her kidnapping! Akira tries to avoid the question but when the shoot moves inside he continues to ask until she agrees to talk about it. The gorgeous Japanese bikini girl describes in detail her experience at the hands of the perverted thugs! (this is a HOT dialog scene). Unfortunately for Akira the new photographer is the same one who kidnapped her before (but he's in a disguise) and she doesn't find out until the photographer's partner sneaks up behind her and covers her beautiful face with his chlorofom cloth!

Akira's struggling and muffled moans are great as she tries to search for an explanation for her chloroforming! The beautiful bikini model's lovely boobs are groped and she struggles well as she's slowly put to sleep! Soon she rolls her gorgeous eyes and sighs her final protests before passing out beautifully in the arms of her captor! She is then carried over-the-shoulder (hot shot here) to a sofa and is continuously fondled while she's knocked out. Akira eventually wakes up to find that her lovely boobs are being groped and she gasps before a leather gloved hand descends over her mouth and handgags her! Akira struggles in her groggy state as she's repeatedly chased around and chloroformed over and over again! She is carried over the shoulder again and gets handgagged often! She is slowly stripped of her bikini until she is completely naked! She then wanders around the house in a drugged daze as the men tease and torment her! She is finally chloroformed to sleep and laid out on the carpet for all to see her glorious nakedness!

Next Akira is a sleepy woman who decides to read a good book before going to sleep. She climbs into her bed in her cute lingerie and starts reading her book. Soon she gets too sleepy to stay awake and she slowly passes out. When she is deep in slumber her kinky neighbor sneaks into her room and starts to feel her up! He runs his hungry hands all over her unconscious body and slowly works his way up to her boobs which he fondles lovingly. Akira slowly stirs but doesn't wake up. The man comments about her drinking the drugged tea he left for her and delights in getting away with his fondling without her waking up.

However the man's gropings become too much for the Japanese beauty to sleep through and she eventually wakes up! She gasps when she sees him but his gloved hand quickly clamps over her mouth muffling her cries! The man has come prepared for the scenario and he quickly draws his chloroform handkerchief and covers Akira's lovely face with it! Akira struggles in vain in her drugged state to prevent the fiend's advances but he easily overpowers the helpless Japanese damsel and gropes her boobs hungrily as she slowly passes out! Akira is subjected to a night of chloroform torment with the obsessed neighbor repeatedly knocking her out and playing with her gorgeous body at will! She tries repeatedly to get away but is so heavily drugged that she can only get so far before she's captured again and taken back to the bed for more chloro action! What will become of the helpless Japanese cutie?







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