1 Hour





Christina Carter is a woman who exudes sensuality! She is a naturally sexy lady who is as nice and sweet as she is HOT! In her newest all-chloro knock-out DVD she continues with the same lusty enthusiasm which made her
popular from the start!

In the first scene Christina returns to modeling after a nighmarish ordeal of being kidnapped and relentlessly chloroformed by a kinky photographer and his partner a few months ago. The new photographer also secretly wishes to kidnap the beautiful buxom model and make her his chloroform slave! He gets Christina to acknowledge the earlier kidnapping even as his partner sneaks up behind her with chloroform in hand! The man suddenly reveals that he wants to kidnap her too! Christina's shocked reaction is cut short bythe chloroform cloth which is suddenly clamped over her mouth from behind, resulting in a flurry of sexy "MMMMMPH"s! Christina's nightmare begins again as she is slowly chloroformed to sleep while having her famous boobs fondled! Her beautiful eyes roll in drugged ecstacy as she slowly loses the will to fight and embraces sleep!

The scene continues with Christina laying unconscious on the man's bed. She slowly wakes up and tries to get to her feet but the man attacks her before she can regain her strength! He chloroforms her again and fondles her big boobs gleefully! Christina is left again to sleep it off. She wakes up again up and doesn't see the man anywhere so she tries to make a run for the door! But of course the man is only hiding and delights in playing the perverse game of cat-and-mouse with his beautiful captive!

He springs upon Christine as she tries again to get away and he subjects her to handgagging and more chloroforming as he pulls her back to the bed! Christina's torment continues as she tries again to escape only to be given the same treatment and is carried back to the bed to relive the chloro nightmare all over again. Poor Christine is spanked, fondled and repeatedly knocked out / rendered half-conscious. Will she ever escape?

Next Christina is a beautiful jogger (in a sports bra, grey tank top, aqua blue short shorts, and tennis shoes) who comes home after a morning of excercise and calls her friend to tell her about the creepy guy who was following her. She says that she got away from him but he is actually right behind her! Christina gasps in horror as her boobs are groped and the chloroform cloth covers her face! She struggles and "MMMPH"s in fear but the soothing fumes of the chloroform soon put her at ease and she moans sleepily as her heavy eyes close and she passes out! Christina is then carried over the shoulder to the bed and is fondled by the obsessed stalker while she sleeps! When Christina wakes she is subjected to repeated chloroformings, cat-and-mouse chasing, verbal teasing and tormenting! Her boobs are exposed and fondled relentlessly and her shoes are eventually removed so that the stalker can rub her feet before giving her a final chloro!

Next Christina is a business woman on vacation trying (in a tight brown top and a white skirt, high heels) to check her e-mail but her laptop won't boot up! She gets frustrated and sighs as she tries to free her mind from the technology hassles. A masked man quickly sneaks into her hotel room and attacks her from behind! He chloroforms the beautiful executive while fondling her luscious boobs! Christina then becomes his prisoner and chloro slave! He fondles the unconscious brunette at will and plays kinky cat-and-mouse chloro games with her, even making her chloroform herself while playing with her own boobs (there are 2 hot scenes of Christina chloro / fondling herself during this particular segment)!

In the final scene Christina decides to get revenge on the kinky photographers who kidnapped her so she becomes an undercover detective! The beautiful, buxom model-turned-informer uses herself as bait to lure a kinky photographer and when she has her first target she unwisely reveals that she is working undercover and that he is busted! She is too overconfident to bring any back-up, however the man has HIS back-up! His partner sneaks up behind the smiling detective and covers her face with a chloroform cloth! He squeezes her boobs as she struggles and protests beautifully in his grasp! The men both tease her for being such an unlucky girl as she moans sleepily and passes out in the hungry arms of her drugger! Again, Christina endures chloro tormenting and is even forced to chloroform herself AGAIN while fondling her own boobs (ALL OF THE SELF CHLORO SCENES IN THIS DVD ARE HOT!) What will become of the helpless model / detective?





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