1 Hour

Starring: Kinzie, Sherry, Jasmine, Mandy, Linda, Katie


The exciting follow-up to our first fan favorite CHEERLEADER KO video is here! Filled with beautiful cheerleaders getting repeatedly chloroformed, kidnapped, hand gagged, carried around and fondled! Their lovely bodies are heavily drugged and hungrily groped by sinsister masked men who run a white slavery ring!

Beautiful, petite brunette Kinzie Kenner is the first victim of the kidnapping spree. She practices her cheers at home while a masked man sneaks up behind her with a chloroform soaked cloth! Poor Kinzie is caught off guard and chloroformed while performing her cheers! The innocent college co-ed's feeble protests are muffled as she's heavily fondled and slowly drugged to sleep. The man then carries her over to the couch and has lots of fun feeling her lovely body while she's unconscious. Kinzie tries to wake up but she's handgagged, teased, chloroformed again and kept in a half-conscious state while thefondling continues. The man teases her about being his helpless prisoner then knocks her out again and lies in wait for her friend Sherry.

When Sherry comes into the room in her cheerleader outfit, ready to practice with Kinzie she sees her teamate knocked out on the couch. The gorgeous cheerleader tries to wake up her teamate but is suddenly chloroformed from behind! Sherry puts up a good struggle with some great "Mmmmph"ing but she's eventually overpowered by the fumes and passes out in the man's arms. He carries her over to a bed and pulls up her top and fondles her while she's knocked out. Sherry tries to wake up but gets chloroformed back to sleep. When she wakes up she's on the couch next to Sherry who's still knocked out. The man keeps chloroforming and fondling both girls over and over. He hand gags each one while forcing her to watch her friend get put to sleep! Will the helpless cheerleaders ever escape?

Next it's buxom brunette fan favorite Jasmine Shaye who is targeted for kidnapping! While she practices her cheers the night before the big game a masked man sneaks up behind her and grabs the beautiful girl in mid-cheer! Jasmine is chloroformed and her big natural boobs are heavily groped as she "Mmmmph"s in dismay! Eventually Jasmine is drugged to sleep and carried over the shoulder to the bedroom where the man has his fun with her helpless body. Jasmine wakes up and is immediately hand gagged. She is teased and chloroformed over and over again as the man chases her around the house in a cruel game of cat-and-mouse!

Slowly Jasmine is stripped down to her panties and at the end of the scene she is put to sleep by an oxygen mask which pumps her full of chloroform! Jasmine tries her best to resist the drugging as she drifts in and out of consciousness but the gas overpowers the busty brunette and sends her off to dreamland! The man then delights in rubbing her cute feet while she sleeps!
Next it's lovely brunette Linda's turn! Linda is also attacked and chloroformed while practicing her cheers! She's heavily fondled and knocked out by the cruel man.

He carries her over to the sofa where he lets his hands roam freely over her sleeping body. When Linda wakes she's subjected to a lot of hand gagging and constant chloroforming to keep her sleepy and under control. Her lovely body is relentlessly fondled and she tries in vain to desperately escape only to be grabbed and pulled back into her chloroformed nightmare! Linda is slowly stipped naked and finally knocked out for the evening!

While Linda is chloroformed her friend Katie takes her place on the cheerleading squad! When Linda finds out she gets mad at her 'friend' and decides to keep her out of the game with chloroform too! Katie comes over and brags to Linda and shows off her cheers in front of her jealous 'friend'. Linda sneaks up behind the beautiful blonde and chloroforms her from behind! Katie struggles and "Mmmph"s in dismay as Linda gives her a peice of her mind! Katie slowly passes out and is then kidnapped by her former friend. Next we see Katie struggling bound and gagged as Linda enters the room with a man who is interested in 'buying' the blonde!

Katie mummbles protests as they discuss what to do with her then Linda makes the mistake of turning her back on the man! The buxom brunette is suddenly chloroformed from behind and roughly fondled in front of Katie who "Mmmmph"s through her cleave gagged mouth in dismay. Linda's unconscious body  is laid over Katie's lap and the man then tells Katie it's her turn. The blonde cheerleader struggles intensely but is chloroformed to sleep and even has her gag wrapped over the chlorofororm cloth holding it over her face and keeping her out for the night!

Finally brunette beauty Mandy is yet another cheerleader captured in the kidnapping spree! The buxom girl is chloroformed and carried over the shoulder to a safe place where the man can have privacy with her! Mandy is subjected to a cruel game of cat-and-mouse as she's repeatedly chloroformed and sometimes kept in a groggy half-conscious state. What will be the fate of the poor cheerleader? Find out in this chloroform packed knock-out marathon!



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