Eva is a cute and petite exotic beauty who is one of the sweetest girls we've ever worked with! She is sure to charm the hearts of fans everywhere in her RED HOT debut release! They don't come much sweeter than Eva! She protests beautifully and does many sexy pass-outs with lots of dramatic struggling and sleepy eye-rolling. In each scenario the lovely helpless girl is fondled heavily as she's knocked out and the bad guys have fun playing with her unconscious body! She's spanked, carried over the shoulder and subjected to many cat-and-mouse chases where she's stalked and captured over and over again!

Eva is a cute French Maid who's cleaning up one of her clients' rooms and looking super sweet in her sexy outfit when a man sneaks up behind her and menaces her with chloroform! Innocent Eva is suddenly grabbed and roughly fondled as her mouth is covered with a chloroform pad! The lovely vixen struggles in vain as she's slowly overcome by the fumes and "MMMMPH"s dramatically, finally rolling her eyelids beautifully as she's eventually drugged to sleep.

The man throws her over his shoulder and comments on her fate as he feels her lovely asscheeks. Eva is soon carried away and kidnapped. The man has lots of fun with his victim as he subjects his exotic captive to cruel cat-and-mouse chloroform games! He allows Eva to think she can get away and lets her try to escape several times only to grab her and tightly handgag her before she can get free! He taunts her each time about being so helpless and vulnerable while she protests and mmummbles feebly into his tight hand. Each time the man mercilessly chloroforms her into sleepy submission (or complete unconsciousness) again and again! What will become of the poor helpless French Maid?

Eva is a cute college schoolgirl talking to her friend on the phone about a strange man who's threatening to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. She talks about him wanting to chloroform her and tie her up when suddenly he sneaks out of her closet behind her and soaks a folded cloth with chloroform! The unsuspecting cutie is suddenly cut-off as she talks when the chloroform pad is tightly clamped over her face! Eva struggles beautifully as her sexy body is groped and she's dominated by the man's will! He helps himself to her lovely charms as she's knocked out in his roving arms and throws her over the shoulder and flips up her skirt to feel her sweet buns as she's carried away and kidnapped.

The man has fun with his helpless college schoolgirl and keeps her as his drugged plaything! He relentlessly tracks her and chloroforms her and keeps her unconscious and groggy many times as he feels her body at will!
Will the helpless girl ever escape the madman before he collects his ransom?
Next Eva is a hot model trying out for a new role in a movie. She lays on the charm and acts very sweet and a little sexy to get the role. Finally she is presented with the role but the director tells her she'll have to do kidnapping and chloroform scenes. She tries to decline the role but the director insists and his partner sneaks up behind the girl and chloroforms her from behind!

The obsessed director and his partner make their own movie featuring the helpless Eva being knocked out carried over the shoulder, stalked and knocked out repeatedly as she pleads into the camera to not be chloroformed (these are HOT scenes)! Eva's charm is turned against her as she becomes the hunted prey of two obsessed chloroformers! What will become of the helpless actress?

Next Eva is a cute college cheerleader who talks on the phone about a stalker who's been writing threatening letters and says he's planning to kidnap some of the girls on the squad! Eva is the first victim of course! As she talks to her friend she's suddenly chloroformed from behind! Poor sweet Eva's boobs are groped and she's slowly chloroformed to sleep and carried away (over the shoulder)! He carries his drugged victim over the shoulder to a place where he can fondle her and chloroform her in private!

Poor sweet Eva the cheerleader is subjected to heavy boob and ass fondling / ass smacking and is chased around and chloroformed several times. In one scene she is gassed into a groggy state by an oxygen mask that pumps her full of chloroform gas! Finally she's gassed to sleep as the man continues fondling her lovely body!





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