1 Hour


Cute exotic fan fave Eva is back in a great new collection of sleepy cloth / fondling scenes
(including 2 different college schoolgirl scenes!)

Eva is back to charm the hearts of chloroform fetish lovers everywhere! The spunky, petite raven-haired cutie that made a fantastic debut in her first all-chloro video returns as the little lady with natural sex appeal and sultry attitude who is so much fun to see chloroformed and captured!

In the opening scene Eva is a college schoolgirl studying on her bed for her final exam when a stalker sneaks into her room and soaks a cloth with chloroform! Poor Eva doesn't see him creeping up on her and gasps in shock as she's grabbed from behind! The chloroform pad is clamped over her face and her perky little titties are roughly groped! Eva "MMMPH"s in protest as the man dominates her petite body and slowly puts her to sleep!

The knocked out schoolgirl is carried over-the-shoulder with her panties exposed and has her perky round buttcheeks fondled by the fiend! Eva is taken back to the bed where her unconscious body is explored by the roving hands of the stalker. When she starts to wake up the man taunts her with kinky comments and handgags her! Eva whimpers and "MMMPH"s beautifully as she's groped by her captor who delights in chloroforming the helpless girl every time she stries to get away! What will become of the poor schoolgirl?

Next, Eva is a cute secretary who's trying hard to delete all of the files that her boss instructed her to delete from her laptop. She is unaware of the seriousness of the situation until a chloroform pad is pressed over her mouth! Eva "MMMMMPH"s as her breasts are grabbed and she's pulled out of her office chair by a hired thug! The spunky secretary struggles valiantly and manages to break free for a moment but the man quickly clamps the cloth back in place and holds her tight until she finally passes out! Eva is carried over the shoulder and her skirt is pulled up so the man can rub her sweet little ass! Eva is laid in her chair and is fondled while she's knocked out. When she wakes up she's handgagged and questioned about the files and tormented with repeated chloroformings when she refuses to provide the information he needs! What will become of the helpless secretary?

Next Eva is another college schoolgirl and an aspiring model who finds herself in a world of peril! Eva poses for a new photographer as he asks her questions and tries to talk her into doing bondage and chloroform videos for him. Eva tries to decline his offer but the man's partner sneaks up behind her with chloroform and grabs the shocked schoolgirl! Eva is chloroformed and fondled as she struggles helplessly in the grip of the brute! She breathes deeply the sleep-inducing fumes and her squirming and protesting slowly become weaker as she is heavily drugged by the chloroform. Finally the petite beauty passes out and is thrown over the man's shoulder. He rubs her cute round buttcheeks and carries her away.

Eva is put through a fondling, chloroforming, handgagging workout by the thugs who delight in teasing her about being so helpless as she whimpers and "MMMPH"s in feeble protest! Her schoolgirl charms are explored and the helpless cutie is drugged over and over again as she tries desperately to plead with her captors and tries several times to escape! The cruel thugs have total control over their captive and keep her as their helpless plaything! Will sweet Eva get away?

In the final scene Eva is looking into her bedroom mirror putting on her make-up (wearing tight black hot-pants) when two chloroform stalkers sneak into her house! One of them shoots the scene with his video camera and the other soaks his rag with chloroform! Eva is suprised as she's grabbed from behind and the stalker clamps the rag over her gasping mouth! Eva puts up a great struggle but the man gropes her hungrily and keeps the chloroform over her face until she passes out! When she hangs limply in his arms he removes the rag and throws her over his shoulder!

Eva's cute buttcheeks are fondled and she's subjected to heavy fondling and is chased around by the man who delights in chloroforming her over and over again! The camera man also gets in on the action and chloroforms Eva in some nice point-of-view shots. What will happen to the helpless little damsel?
(Eva's performance is excellent and she's great with eye-rolling / groggy movements / pass-outs!)





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