1 hour / 22 min.
Starring: CJ & Charlene Avalon


Here's another HOT entry in the classic chloroform video series!
CJ and Lisa return home after a day of shopping at the mall. They talk about their day and both end up going to seperate areas of the house. A stalker who is hiding in the house sneaks out of his hiding place and chloroforms CJ. He hides again when he hears Lisa coming down the hall. Lisa finds CJ laying unconscious on the floor and tries to wake her up. CJ is very groggy and is hard to wake up. As CJ starts to come around Lisa leaves to get her a glass of water. The stalker sneaks out and chloroforms CJ again before Lisa comes back. When Lisa returns she finds CJ knocked out again. She tries to wake CJ up but the stalker sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her too.

He carries each of the girls over the shoulder to the bed and lays them together. He takes each of their hands and makes them fondle each other while they are passed out. When CJ starts to wake up she is handgagged and ordered to obey the stalkerās commands or get chloroformed! He gags her and forces her to fondle & strip Lisa while sheās passed out, then forces her to knock Lisa out & fondle her every time she wakes up (sometimes she is kept half-conscious). He then chloroforms CJ and when Lisa wakes up he forces her to do the same thing that CJ did.

Near the end of the scene both chloroformed girls are groggy as they lean against each other for support. Their mouths get cleave gagged, but they donāt get tied up. CJ gets the oxygen mask and Lisa gets a chloroform cloth held over her face by a stocking tied around her mouth. They both fight to stay awake for a few minutes as they moan and stare at each other, but they are slowly overcome by the fumes and eventually pass out. He then carries each of the girls over the shoulder around the house.

CJ is a kinky girl who likes to drug her beautiful roomate when she isnāt looking. She walks into the living room while Lisa is reading on the couch and tells Lisa that she has a confession to make. She starts to tell Lisa how much she likes the idea of knocking her out and massaging her helpless body. Lisa smiles and politely refuses CJās offer but CJ starts to grope her and tells her that she has some chloroform that she wants to try out. Lisa resists her and tells her that she isnāt interested. CJ handgags her and tells her that sheāll never know when itās coming.

Later Lisa is drinking a glass of tea when CJ sneaks up and puts a few sleeping tablets in the glass. A few minutes later Lisa starts to get groggy while she tries to read. CJ sits next to her and starts to put the moves on her. When she tries to get up and leave she gets dizzy and almost faints. CJ helps her back to the couch and teases her about being drugged and helpless. Lisa gets sleepier by the moment and CJ feels her breasts and tells her that she wonāt remember a thing in the morning. Lisa passes out and CJ fondles her while sheās out.

  Later, Lisa is on the phone with her girlfriend talking about CJ. She tells her about CJās desire to drug her and feel her up and says that she thinks that CJ might have already drugged her. CJ sneaks up behind Lisa and chloroforms her while sheās still on the phone. When Lisa passes out and drops the phone CJ picks up the phone and says that Lisaās taking a nice looooong nap and hangs up. She then calls her partner in crime and tells him to come over and take some pics of her with her new captive. The guy comes over and starts to take pictures of the girls. Lisa is repeatedly chloroformed, gassed, and teased by CJ while she's continuously groped and spanked.

Some of the time CJ keeps her in a half-conscious state and sometimes she knocks her out completely for several minutes. After a while CJ decides to chloroform herself. She takes a few whiffs of the chloroform cloth and gets dizzy. She puts it down and says that the chloroform is powerful stuff. Suddenly the guy chloroforms CJ and strips her shirt off. He takes pictures of both girls knocked out and keeps chloroforming and gassing each of them as they try to wake up and get to the door. At the end he chloroforms both of them together, face to face.

CJ and Lisa are wearing long-sleeve Shirts and panties as they sit together on the couch watching a TV show. They both comment on whatās going on; a girl is being stalked by a madman who suddenly chloroforms her and carries her away. The two girls exchange views on the girl on TV being so helplessly drugged and talk about what it must be like to be chloroformed. They both agree that have the willpower to resist the chloroform. Their voyeuristic neighbor decides to put them to the test. He sneaks into their house with a bottle of chloroform and holds them up at gunpoint. He forces them to chloroform and fondle each other at the same time and later chloroforms them himself!




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