50 mins.
Starrring: London Andrews, Tracy & Samantha

Get ready for one of the HOTTEST chloroform videos we've ever released! This one has it all! Super sexy scenes filled with VERY cute girls, LOTS of chloro action, tons of tight handgagging, heavy fondling, excellent protesting and kinky 'chloro talk', pantyhose, foot fondling, spanking, and even a 3 girl chloro scene featuring rival spy girls battling it out!

In the first scene London Andrews is a voluptuous spy girl who finally returns to the field after the severe drugging she recieved in her debut chloro video.

The buxom brunette beauty (in her lovely tight rose dress and pantyhose) searches for a missing computer disc but falls into a chloroform trap! A rival agent feeds her false info on the location of the disc and when she shows up to search for it he attacks her from behind with a chloroform cloth! London is smothered with the soaked cloth and her huge boobs are groped by the evil spy who keeps London's excellent "MMMMMPH"s under control! Overconfident agent London now finally meets her match with the mysterious masked agent who specializes in knocking out beautiful spy girls! As she slowly passes out in the man's arms her return to the chloroform nightmare is sealed!

Helplessly drugged into submission London is heavily groped while she sleeps and when she does wake up she is tightly handgagged and teased about her predicament! She is repeatedly subjected to intense groping, kinky verbal teasing, handgaging, spanking, and continuous re-chloroforming! Eventually London's pantyhose are pulled down and her panties are removed so that the man can freely fondle her pussy! Finally London ends up naked as the chloroform attacks continue!


In the next scene brunette cutie Tracy (in a cute top, short jean skirt and pantyhose) talks on the phone to her girlfriend about a party that she and her roommate London will be going to. While Tracy is still on the phone London comes home, determined to indulge her fetishistic lusts and vows to make poor sweet Tracy her chloroformed sex slave! London attacks Tracy with a powerful handgag and pulls her onto the bed! Tracy tries to plead with her girfriend on the phone but London muffles her protests and gropes her boobs! Tracy suddenly finds herself in a fetishistic battle with her larger more dominant roomate! When Tracy refuses London's fetish proposals London has no choice but to keep her quiet! The buxom brunnette beauty pulls a chloroform pad from her dress and smothers Tracy's pleading mouth with the soaked cloth!

Tracy soon becomes the deeply drugged captive of her fetish-crazed roommate! London plays with Tracy's unconscious body and heavily fondles her while she says kinky things about always wanting to see Tracy sleepy & helpless. Tracy eventually wakes up and tries desperately to argue with London but London dominates her with a tight handgag and gropes her while she squirms and "MMMMMPH"s in erotic dismay! London repeatedly knocks Tracy out with her trusty chloro cloth and continues to say kinky things to her sleepy captive (London's comments are completely her own improvisations and are incredibly kinky throughout this scene)!

Eventually Tracy gets the upper hand during a hand smothering match and slips the cloth over London's face! London "MMMMMPH"s beautifully (as always) and wrestles with Tracy until Tracy completely smothers her into chloroformed slumber! Now Tracy is the dominant girl and she wonderfully indulges in her newfound power over her drugged roommate! London is heavily fondled by Tracy as the brunette girl makes some kinky comments of her own! She even calls her girlfirend back and describes what London did to her (this is some VERY HOT dialog)!
When London starts to wake up Tracy presses the chloroform pad over her face and holds the phone up to London's mouth so that her girlfriend can hear London's groggy "mmmmmph"s! But it's Tracy's addiction to chatting on her phone that is her undoing! London eventually wakes up and reclaims her chloroform cloth...AND Tracy!

Poor helpless Tracy is soon put to sleep yet again and London chastises her for turning the tables on her, while gleefully rubbing Tracy's drugged body!
The chloroform battle of the brunette roommates culminates in a super sexy finale!

Next it's yet ANOTHER SUPER SEXY CHLORO SCENE! 2 former spy girls (London & Tracy - both in pantyhose) defect from their agency and attempt to lead normal lives, but they underestimate the agency's determination to bring them back in for submissive conditioning! The agency sends its top 'girlnapper' (the ruthless sleep-inducer Samantha) to track down the rogue spy girls and abduct them!
London and Tracy return home from a trip to the mall and they comment on the strange woman in black who was following them. London goes into the bathroom to freshen up while Tracy dials her girlfriend's number on her cell phone. Suddenly Samantha appears behind Tracy with chloroform in hand and quickly clamps her cloth over Tracy's mouth before she can alert London! Tracy "MMMMMPH"s as her boobs are groped by the perverse spy girl but London is too busy talking to Tracy from the bathroom to hear anything going on! Samantha expertly drugs Tracy into a half-conscious state before using her specially designed 'girl gagging gloves' to keep Tracy VERY quiet when London walks out of the bathroom. Samantha watches intensely as London steps out and grabs her drink from a shelf before returning to the bathroom, talking continuously, unaware that Tracy is handgagged and half-drugged only a few feet away!
When London goes back into the bathroom Samantha resumes Tracy's chloroforming and fully drugs the sleepy girl into unconsciousness! Samantha then lays Tracy on her bed and hides, just as London walks into the room! London sees Tracy passed out and she tries to wake her up but Tracy is too deeply drugged to respond! Right at the moment London realizes that something is wrong Samantha strikes again! London is suddenly smothered with the chloroform pad and Samantha employs a paralysing 'boob clutch' on London! This insures that London's larger size is not a factor in the battle and that Samantha can easily keep her under control while she forces the buxom brunette to breathe the chloroform fumes. London "MMMMMPH"s in dismay as she slowly passes out next to Tracy! The 2 rogue agents are then taken into custody by the ruthless perverted Samantha who delights in groping their sleeping bodies while commenting on their helplessness!

London and Tracy are subjected to repeated chloroformings as Samantha keeps them dominated and handgagged while she waits for a back-up agent to arrive. Eventually Samantha lets down her guard while boasting about her unconscious captives to another agent on her cell phone and it turns out to be a crucial mistake! Samantha continues to talk on her phone while London and tracy wake up in the background and slowly come up behind the overconfident Samantha with chloro cloth in hand! Samantha gasps a breath of chloroform as London clamps the pad over her mouth and Tracy restrains her arms! The training of London and Tracy proves that together they are more than a match for the sleep-inducer!

Now Samantha is the 'helpless damsel' forced to inhale the sleepy fumes and submit to the will of her dominators! She is subjected to kinky verbal teasing, fondling, half-groggy drugging, & handgagging by the rival spy girls she was sent to kidnap!








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