1 Hour / 5 min.
Starring: Jenni Lee, Tyler Scot, and CJ Belle


Here's yet another HOT series full of chloroform / fondling / hand gagging / and even more chloroforming! 3 cute babes get the cloth over and over again in this fast paced video! Tyler Scot becomes the first victim of her kinky chloroform-loving roomate and is knocked out in a very hot opening scene by the lovely Jenni Lee! Jenny fondles her drugged roomate and takes liberties with her sleeping body while chloroforming her every time she tries to wake up. Tyler is in fine form here! Eventually Tyler turns the tables and begins to stalk Jenni!

When Jenni is caught off guard Tyler chloroforms her and gropes her beautiful breasts while teasing her intensely! Tyler's comments are great as she knocks Jenni out over and over again, while fondling her helpless body. This is a hot revenge scenario that is not to be missed!
Next Tyler and Jenni have called a truce and are talking about their trip to the mall when a jealous neighbor who's been watching their fun and games decides to take matters into his own hands! Namely Tyler Scot and Jenni Lee!

 He sneaks up on the unsuspecting damsels as they girl-talk on the sofa. Suddenly the stalker chloroforms both girls at the same time! This is a great struggling scene with the girls fighting realistically to remove the cloths from their faces only to be overcome by the chloroform fumes and drugged to sleep. The stalker has a fun time groping their lovely bodies and chloroforming them over and over when they wake up and try to get away. He gives sweet Tyler a little spanking in as well! What will become of the helpless drugged girls?

Next it's fan favorite cutie Casey James who falls victim to the mighty chloroform cloth! CJ is a secretary at a famous energy company who steals documents that could expose the business for fraud! The head honchos of the company hire an undercover mafia man to find the documents before CJ can report them to the media! He tracks CJ to her home and sneaks in on her, soaking his cloth with chloroform. The beautiful blonde walks around her apartment completely unaware that she is being stalked! CJ removes her shoes after a long day of work and rubs her feet.

She talks to herself and says that she wishes someone else were there to rub her feet for her. She goes into the bathroom to freshen up for her big meeting with an anxious reporter when she's suddenly grabbed from behind and chloroformed by the hit man! Soon CJ is drugged to sleep and carried over-the-shoulder to her living room sofa and left to sleep it off. When she awakens she is handgagged and questioned about the whereabouts of the missing documents, but CJ proves to be a stubborn girl so she's chloroformed again!

The hit man tortures her with the chloroform every time she tries to wake up. There is lots of hand-gagging throughout the scenes as CJ tries to be defiant only to be forced to repeatedly surrender to the chloroform fumes. Sometimes he keeps her groggy in a half-conscious state and teases her about being his sleepy prisoner while keeping her helplessly chloroformed. He eventually gets her to tell him what he wants to know, so he ties the chloroform cloth over her mouth and leaves her to sleep while he's gone.

When he returns he is furious! She lied to him! He steps up the interrogation and the chloroforming until she finally cracks and he is able to recover the documents. But he isn't finished with the blonde beauty yet! He gives her a big payback for her delays!
In the final scene CJ is a sassy college schoolgirl who is stalked by a faculty member and chloroformed! The blonde beauty is repeatedly drugged and stripped by her tormenter! This is a hot scene!



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