1 hour / 5 min.

Starring: Chanta, Kiana, Alexis & Brittany


Here's another super hot collection of high quality chloroform scenes that we've become famous for! 4 girls (Chanta, Kiana, Alexis & Brittany) are the helpless victims of masked stalkers / kidnappers in this wild chloroform / fondle fest!

Beautiful, sophisticated blonde Chanta Rose and exotic asian beauty Kiana are two secretaries who are targeted by cruel white slavers when they go to Chanta's place for a night of 'girl talk'. As the girls talk about work, the two kidnappers sneak up behind them and suddenly chloroform both girls at the same time!

The gorgeous secretaries are caught completely off-guard and their cries for help are muffled by the chloroformed cloths as the kidnappers roughly fondle their breasts! Chanta and Kiana look deep into each other's eyes and share each others' helplessness as they are put to sleep at the same time.
The girls are carried over the shoulder to Chanta's bed and the kidnappers decide to play with their drugged victims while they're unconscious.

Heavy fondling ensues as the white slavers play cat-and-mouse with their helpless captives, chloforming them into various states of eye-rolling grogginess and sometimes knocking them out completely and carrying them around (over the shoulder). Other times they handgag one girl and make her watch while the other girl is chloroformed right in front of her face! They use the girl's hands to grope one another. At the end of this highly erotic and lengthy scene both girls are chloroformed to sleep and put in sexy positions with their arms around each other. What will be the fate of the chloroformed secretaries?

Alexis is a beautiful brunette (in a tight pink dress) who's geting ready to go to a big party. She is in her bathroom looking in the mirror while she fixes her hair. Suddenly a masked stalker attacks her from behind and clamps a chloroform cloth over her face! Alexis struggles and "MMMPH"s intensely as she looks around in wide-eyed horror while she's slowly drugged and her plump breasts are fondled. The stalker is merciless and holds the cloth tightly in place until his beautiful victim loses all consciousness and submits to his groping hands.

The stalker begins a cruel game of cat-and-mouse with his lovely captive and follows her around as she tries to escape several times only to be chloroformed into a groggy state and heavily fondled before getting drugged into unconsciousness. Alexis has a great ass and the stalker takes full advantage of her lovely body in this hot scene as he slowly strips her of her dress.
Next it's beautiful blonde Brittany's turn! Brittany is an innocent college schoolgirl who tries very hard to be a good girl despite the tempting influences around her.

She gets a call from one of her friends one night and is invited to a party but she tells them that she wants to study her religious text book instead for an upcoming test at her private high school. As soon as she hangs up a masked stalker grabs her and chloroforms her from behind while fondling her pure and innocent boobs! He tells her that he loves to stalk beautiful virgin girls and that she's going to be his helpelss captive.

Brittany's protests and struggling soon pass as she's slowly put to sleep. The stalker has lots of fun with her lovely body while she's his drugged prisoner. He delights in letting her try to get away only to chloroform her when she gets too fiesty. At the end he puts a chloroform gag mask over her face and fondles her as she slowly passes out. Alexis returns for another hot scene! She's a tourist who's kidnapped and chloroformed while on vacation! The brunette beauty is subjected to cruel cat-and-mouse chloroform torment at the hands of an obsessed stalker. He fondles the lovely girl and slowly strips her, then straps a chloroform gag mask over her face and watches her slowly pass out!





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