1 hour
Starring: Kinzie, Sherry, Christina Carter and Jasmine


Cute new girls Kinzie (left) and Sherry are spectacular in their knock-out debut! These two girls are excellent actresses and are sure to please chloroform fans with their clean, lovely bodies and sexy knock-outs. New chloroform cutie Christina Carter debuts with a great scene and so does the ever popular 'Chloroform Video Queen' Jasmine!
Kinzie and Sherry are two roomates who are getting ready for a beach party when they are suddenly attacked by cruel white slavers! Kinzie is looking cute in her pink skirt and top and brushes her hair while talking to her friend Sherry who is in the next room trying on her bikini in front of the mirror.

A masked man sneaks up behind Kinzie and suddenly chloroforms her while Sherry can still be heard in the background talking to her (the camera does NOT cut away from Kinzie while she's being chloroformed). Kinzie's muffled protests aren't heard as she's heavily groped and slowly chloroformed to sleep. Sherry continues talking to Kinzie even as Kinzie is left unconscious on the bed, while the man hides. Sherry soon realizes that Kinzie isn't responding so she goes into the bedroom to check on her and finds the brunette beauty sleeping quietly. She tries to wake her up but another masked man comes up behind Sherry and chloroforms her too!

  Sherry's breasts are fondled as she's chloroformed to sleep. The man throws her over his shoulder and carries her over to the bed where he starts to play with his beautiful captive's hepless body. His partner come out of his hiding place and goes after Kinzie. The two gorgeous girls are repeatedly chloroformed and fondled as they try desperately to escape (nice bare 'foot fondling' scene too). Sometimes they are kept in half-conscious states as the cruel men handgag them while fondling their boobs and asses and force them to fondle themselves and each other while they are groggy. The cute damsels are forced to watch each other being chloroformed in this VERY HOT scene and are slowly stripped naked until both of them end up chloroformed together!

  Next the girls are roommates sleeping together in bed naked one night when Sherry decides to reveal her chloroform fetish to Kinzie! She pulls back the covers exposing Kinzie's lovely, vunerable, naked body and she begins to feel up the sleeping girl. Kinzie wakes up and tries to ask what's going on but she's suddenly handgagged by Sherry who quickly dominates her and talks kinky to her while she struggles. Sherry gropes Kinzie's lovely body while the smaller girl struggles and tells her that it's time for a nap. Sherry then soaks a cloth with chloroform in front of Kinzie and then clamps it tightly over the girl's face. Kinzie puts up a valiant struggle but she's soon overpowered by the chloroform and passes out in Sherry's arms.

Sherry talks to her drugged captive as she fondles Kinzies lovely body (some nice 'chloroform talk' & handgag action here) and keeps her groggy with the chloroform when she tries to wake up. Eventually Sherry completely knocks Kinzie out for the night so that she can keep having her fun. The next morning Kinzie wakes up and tells Sherry that she had a nightmare about being chloroformed. Sherry assures her that it was just a dream and goes into the bathroom to freshen up. Kinzie finds the chloroform cloth on her bed and confronts Sherry (another HOT dialog scene)! Sherry tries to deny that it's her cloth but Kinzie forces her to smell it to prove her point.


When Sherry tries to pull the cloth away Kinzie restrains her roommate and chloroforms her with it, asking her how she likes it! Sherry is soon knocked out in Kinzie's arms. Kinzie torments Sherry throughout the day by keeping her groggy with the chloroform and handgagged while she has her revenge on Sherry's lovely body. At one point Sherry grabs the cloth and reaches behind her, chloroforming Kinzie into a groggy state but Kinzie still manages to get the cloth back and knocks Sherry out first. Kinzie then tells her sleeping victim how much she's stating to like their little games and finally chloroforms herself!

Christina Carter is a hot rockn' roll groupie who is captured and chloroformed by a masked man in her excellent debut chloroform scene! The raven-haired beauty is tormented and repeatedly chloroformed, handgagged and heavily groped throughout the scene. She is sometimes kept half-conscious as the man torments her and is finally drugged into total submission.

Jasmine Shaye is a cute 'girl next door' who likes to admire herself in the mirror (She's barefoot and wears a very short, sexy poka-dot dress) but her neighbor has other ideas about how to appreciate her beauty. Jasmine is soon chloroformed from behind and her big boobs fall prey to the cruel stalker! He carries Jasmine to her bed and plays with her sleeping body, keeping her groggy and handgagged when she tries to wake up. He delights in chasing her around and chloroforming her repeatedly. What will be the fate of poor Jasmine?



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