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Gorgeous blonde 'girl next door' Julie Anne and sultry buxom newcomer Angel are the latest beauties to fall victim to chloroforming stalkers in this classic series! These girls work great together and really made this release a stunner!
(NOTE: both girls have natural breasts)

In the first scene Julie Anne and Angel come home from a trip to the mall. They walk into their apartment talking about their shopping endeavors but don't notice the stalker who's hiding around the corner, soaking his cloth in chloroform! Julie Anne goes into the bathroom while they continue talking. Angel says she's calling her friend and starts to dial on her cellphone. Suddenly the man strikes and clamps the chloroform cloth over Angel's pretty face! He grabs the lovely brunette's big boobs as she struggles and 'MMMPH's while Julie Anne continues talking in the background completely unaware that her friend is being drugged just a few feet away!

Angel eventually passes out and is carried over the shoulder to a bed where the man fondles her for a few moments before hiding in wait for her friend. Soon Julie Anne walks out of the bathroom and sees Angel laying asleep on the bed. The gorgeous blonde then goes over to the sleeping brunette and starts to play with her boobs! She tries to wake Angel up by continuing to play with her boobs and talking sweetly to her (this is a hot scene). Angel starts to come around and tries to groggily warn Julie Anne as the stalker sneaks up and soaks his cloth behind the clueless blonde!

Julie Anne's hands are still playing with Angel's boobs when the man suddenly clamps the chloroform pad over her face! Julie Anne reacts beautifully and 'MMMPH's a lot as Angel watches her friend get drugged in front of her. The man gropes Julie Anne's boobs and brings her down to let Angel see her pass out right next to her. Angel starts to wake up more but is quickly handgagged, teased, and chloroformed again!
The two drugged beauties then become the property of the stalker and his partner!

Julie Anne and Angel are menaced by the thugs who delight in keeping the beauties drugged and helpless! They chase Angel when she tries to make a run for it and chloroform her before she can get away (nice 'sleepy eyes' here). She is then carried back to the bed where the perversion begins all over again! Julie Anne is also subjected to chloroformings over and over again! The girls' boobs are exposed and played with heavily throughout the scene! This is a super hot segment that has each of the handgagged girls trying to keep the other girl from being chloroformed in front of them! Will the beauties ever escape?

In the next scene Angel (in tight, sexy jeans, high-heels, and a cute white top) calls Julie Anne and tells her that a cyberstalker is threatening to chloroform her and tie her up! She explains that her friend Linda must have teased the guy when she used Angel's computer and that she is innocent. She asks Julie Anne to come over to spend the night because she's scared, but then jokes with Julie Anne about sexy role playing with Julie Anne being her 'stalker' and putting her to sleep! After she hangs up she waits impatiently for Julie Anne to come over. Meanwhile the stalker sneaks into her apartment and soaks a chloroform pad behind her. He suddenly attacks the buxom brunette and covers her mouth with the chloroform pad while tightly grabbing her big boobs! Angel gives a great intense struggle but the man dominates her and holds the chloroform over her face until she becomes too sleepy to fight, eventually passing out!

The stalker then carries Angel over the shoulder while he and his partner smack her blue jean ass. Angel is laid on her bed and fondled until Julie Anne comes over. The thugs hide and wait as Julie Anne walks into Angel's apartment. The beautiful blonde sees Angel sleeping on her bed and tells her that it's dangerous for her to leave her door open. Julie Anne goes over to Angel and wakes her up, but Angel is very groggy and Julie Anne thinks that she's sick. Julie Anne goes to get Angel some water while Angel sits up and starts to regain her senses, but the thugs come out of hiding and chloroform Angel back to sleep before Julie Anne returns! When Julie Anne comes back into the room and sees Angel unconscious again she gets worried and tries hard to wake up her unconscious friend.

As Angel starts to come around Julie Anne is suddenly grabbed from behind and smothered with the chloroform pad! The blonde beauty is slowly put to sleep in front of Angel as Angel groggily tries to keep her friend from being drugged! It's no use, and after a desperate stuggle Julie Anne passes out in front of Angel, who is handgagged by the other thug! Angel is groped, teased and chloroformed again as well! The two gorgeous girls are then repeatedly chloroformed, stalked, and fondled in an exhausting display of kinkiness that continues until the girls are forced to chloroform themselves with their own hands! The girls are then stripped of their pants to reveal their beautiful panties (in a series of nice shots) and are carried over to a chair for more fondling fun!
There are some great shots of the girls positioned to hold the chloroform pads over their faces, keeping themselves deeply drugged!

In the next scene Julie Anne confesses to Angel that she has a 'chloroform fetish' and wants to put her buxom friend to sleep! Angel, always sexually curioius, agrees to indulge her friend and is chloroformed by the kinky blonde! Julie Anne gropes Angel's big all-natural boobs and makes kinky comments to her sleepy friend as Angel 'mmmmm's and passes out in her arms! She continues to chloroform Angel repeatedly until Angel tells Julie Anne that it's her turn! Julie Anne reluctantly agrees and Angel chloroforms her for revenge! Angel makes nice kinky comments to Julie Anne while she's being drugged. This scene is SUPER HOT!

In another SUPER HOT scene Angel is laying on her bed in pink bra and panties, wiggling her buttcheeks flirtingly as Julie Anne is in the bathroom in blue panties and a T-shirt, getting to ready to come to bed. Angel calls for her lover to join her and Julie Anne tells her that she'll be there in a minute (as she soaks a cloth with chloroform). Julie Anne gets into bed with Angel and suddenly covers her mouth with the chloroform cloth! Angel 'MMMPH's in confusion but Julie Anne tells her that it's 'fun' and tells her to 'just breathe it in'!

Angel's big boobs are groped and she's slowly drugged to sleep by her perverted lover. Julie Anne makes some great comments about Angel's boobs and lovely body as she rubs the sleeping girl all over! When Angel wakes up she's chloroformed again! Then it's Julie Anne's turn and Angel gets her revenge chloroforming the blonde babe and commenting on her body as she's fondled as well! Finally Angel chloroforms Julie Anne and herself at the same time! (One of the HOTTEST shots ever!) When the girls are both knocked out their voyeuristic neighbor sneaks in and puts the chloroform pad back over their faces so he can have his fun too!


This release features several nice point-of-view chloro shots (with the camera man doing the chloro/groping) that put the viewer right in on the action!)

NOTE: Due to the original tape being damaged in some spots there are some brief edits.





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