1 Hour

Cute and perky blonde beauty Julie Anne delivers an incredible performance in this
collection of chloroform / fondling scenes!


Barely legal super cutie Julie Anne is a great new addition to our bevy of chloro beauties! Her performance in her debut all-chloroform DVD is sure to win over the hearts of chloroform fetish fans across the world! This girl is really great! Her struggling / protesting / pass-outs and groggy movements are among the best and sexiest we've ever seen!

In the fisrt scene (a Very HOT and relatively lengthy scene) Julie Anne is a spunky college cheerleader who's practicing for the big game. She practices her cheers in her living room while a stalker sneaks into her house and soaks a handkerchief in chloroform! Julie is in the middle of reciting a new cheer when she's suddenly grabbed from behind and the chloroform pad is clamped over her cute face! Julie struggles and "MMMMMPH"s valiantly as her boobs are groped and she's forced to breath the sleep-inducing fumes! After a great struggle Julie is slowly overcome by the chloroform and eventually passes out in the man's arms. She is then thrown over the man's shoulder and her skirt is flipped up so that he can fondle her sweet buttcheeks as he carries her around.

Julie Anne the helpless cheerleader is carried into her bedroom where she is laid on her bed and her lovely body is fondled by the stalker. Eventually Julie Anne wakes up but her protesting mouth is tightly handgagged and she is teased by the merciless man who delights in groping her as she squirms in his grasp! He lets Julie try to get away, only to chase her and grab her before she can get to the door! Julie is repeatedly chloroformed, fondled, stalked, spanked (nice point-of-view spanking shots from the camera guy) tormented and her cute panties are shown often throughout this epic scene! The man finally chloroforms the blonde beauty to sleep and the scene closes with nice panty shots of Julie Anne lying unconscious!

Next Julie is a secretary who is learning the ropes. She is typing away on her laptop as a chloroform stalker sneaks up on her with his drugged rag in hand! He suddenly grabs the gorgeous blonde and clamps the chloroform rag over her face while groping her perky breasts! Julie "MMMMMPH"s and struggles to break free from the man's merciless grip but he fully dominates the drugged secretary and holds her until she passes out in his arms! The unconscious girl is then thrown over the stalker's shoulders and carried away. Julie is then laid on a bed and fondled while she's knocked out. When she wakes up she is extremely groggy and tries to protest but a tight handgag muffles her pleas! Another man videotapes the scene and sometimes reaches forward to do the fondling (nice point-of-view shots). Julie Anne is questioned by the cruel men about her boss' dealings but remains defiant. She is tormented and is chloroformed every time she tries to get away.

The thugs have fun with her pretty body and pull up her top to expose her bare boobs (which are fondled heavily)! Julie Anne endures lots of chloroforming and fondling (her pants also get pulled down to her thighs, exposing her cute butt and panties) and finally gets knocked out with a heavy dose of chloroform and is carried away cradled in the arms of the fiend.

In the next scene Julie Anne (in tight blue jeans with high heels) is in her bathroom putting on her make-up (what little bit she actually uses) when a stalker sneaks out of the shower and soaks a folded cloth in chloroform! He jumps the shocked damsel and chloroforms her to sleep while fondling her boobs! Then Julie Anne is carried over the shoulder to another room where a guy with a video camera is recording her kidnapping. Julie Anne wakes up and gets handgagged while "MMMMMPH"ing heavily as she's groped and subjected to more chloroform! Julie is chased around as she tries to get away and both guys take turns chloroforming and fondling her (nice point-of-view shots that bring the viewer right in on the action). Julie Anne's shirt is opened and her bare boobs are groped as she struggles with her captors. Will poor Julie escape?

In the final next scene Julie Anne is going to a new studio to model for a famous photographer (wearing tight blue jean shorts and a cute red top). She doesn't know that the real photographer is on vacation and his kinky friends are now running his studio! Julie Anne poses for the fake photographer who tries to talk her into doing bondage and chloroform photos and videos. Julie is reluctant to do that type of work so his buddy sneaks up behind the unsuspecting beauty and chloroforms her! Julie Anne gasps in shock as she's groped and drugged by the brute!

The men tease the gorgeous model as she slowly passes out and then carry her over-the-shoulder to a waiting bed. Julie Anne endures a cruel game of cat and mouse where she's repeatedly chloroformed and fondled. She is in a groggy state most of the time and tries desperately to get away several times only to be re-captured and chloroformed again and again. What will be the fate of the sweet model?




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