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Janice, a lovely, all-natural / naturally sensual submissive recommended to us by a good friend puts forth an incredibly sexy performance! Her struggles are great and her "MMMMMPH"ing is superb! Poor sweet Janice is subjected to multiple chloroform attacks in every scene and her beautiful body is heavily fondled and spanked! There are 2 great scenes with Janice wearing pantyhose as well! This girl is all about passion and struggling so get ready for a HOT performance!

Janice is a cute and perky cheerleader who practices her cheers while a stalker prepares to drug her! She goes through her cheers with a gleeful attitude but is suddenly smothered by a chloroform cloth which is clamped tightly over her cute face! Janice's all-natural boobs are heavily fondled and her butcheeks are groped as she's slowly put to sleep! Janice puts up a great struggle but the fumes eventually dominate her and she passes out in a flurry of muffled sighs! The nightmare begins as Janice is carried away, over the shoulder, to a waiting bed.

The helpless drugged beauty is then subject to more fondling while she's knocked out. When she wakes up Janice tries to protest but is tightly handgagged and spanked! She "MMMMMPH"s a lot and squirms in the man's grip as he roughly fondles her beautiful body. When she begins to regain her strength Janice is given more chloroform to keep her sleepy and easy to dominate! Janice rolls her sleepy eyes and tries to get away several times only to be recaptured and chloroformed again! Janice is stripped topless and her panties are removed but her spirited struggles to escape only lead to more chloroform!

Next Janice is a cute college schoolgirl who talks on the phone to her friend about a certain person at school who is threatening to chloroform her! As she talks about her feelings about the threats the obsessed stalker sneaks up behind the unsuspecting schoolgirl and grabs her from behind! Janice suddenly kinds a chloroform handkerchief clamped over her face and a hungry hand groping her boobs! The fumes fill her senses and she realises that her attacker means business! Poor innocent Janice is slowly chloroformed and heavily fondled by the obsessed man! She squirms helplessly and "MMMMMPH"s beautifully as she's smothered to sleep! Soon the once perky schoolgirl becomes a limp drugged damsel in her captor's arms!

The helpelss schoolgirl is then carried over the shoulder to her bed where the man subjects her to extensive chloroform torment! He often keeps her in a sleepy state as his roving hands fondle her squeezable curves! Janice is also spanked well for being so 'naughty' and her gag-talk while hand gagged is superb! She is slowly stripped and ends up losing her cute panties! What will be the fate of the sleepy schoolgirl?!?

In the next scene Janice is a sexy secretary (in a red top and grey skirt) who talks on the phone to her girlfriend about the kinky notes she's recieving from someone at work! She talks about how they want to chloroform her and gives her thoughts about the matter. Suddenly the man strikes from behind and covers her big mouth with a chloroform cloth! Janice's muffled pleas are beautiful as she's heavily boob groped and put to sleep! Her rolling eyes and subsiding moans soon signal her domination by chloroform and she eventually passes out in her stalker's arms! Now the sexy secretary's chloro nighmare begins! She is subjected to continuous chloroform attacks and is hunted cat-and-mouse style when she tries to escape! The drugged secretary is heavily fondled and spanked hard for her insolence! Will the helpless secretary escape?!?

In the final scene Janice is a cute party girl who's getting ready to go out for the night, but not in the way she was expecting to! As Janice preens in front of her bathroom mirror putting on her make-up she makes a smoochy kiss with her lips to herself, which triggers a voyeuristic, obsessed stalker to attack! He springs from the shadows with chloroform in hand! Poor Janice is quickly grabbed and muffled by the chloroform cloth while the man's hand goes to work on her big boobs! As Janice struggles and "MMMMMPH"s intensely he pulls one of her boobs out of her top fondles it gleefully! Janice knows she's in trouble but can't do anything but breathe the chloro fumes! Eventually she loses the battle and passes out in the man's hungry arms! He then carries her over the shoulder out of the room, abducting her.

When Janice wakes up she's in a strange room with the man who kidnapped her! She tries to get away but she's too groggy to fight him off and he delights in hand gagging her, fondling her and keeping her sleepy with chloroform! Janice's He then bends her over a table and spanks her bare ass! (Janice's cute plump buttcheeks get squeezed and spanked often throughout the video!) Eventually Janice's pantyhose are pulled down leaving her naked from the waist down (Janice ends up naked from the waist down in every scene and still the chloforming continues)!




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