1 hour


Beautiful Brittney Spears look-alike Jenni Lee is fantastic in her debut chloroform video! She gives a very hot performance as she's stalked and repeatedly chloroformed in various scenarios. Jenni is always fun to work with and is really a very smart and sophisticated lady. Guys who like an intelligent beauty getting chloroformed with lots of tight hand-over-mouth scenes will love this video.

Jenni is an undercover agent trying to find a white slaver on the run. She tracks him to his hideout and draws her gun before approaching the building. She sneaks inside and looks for the missing girls and stumbles upon an invoice for the sale of several girls. She reads the descriptions of the girls aloud and becomes very angry. She decides to call in her discovery but makes the mistake of putting her gun on the table and is chloroformed from behind before she can reveal her whereabouts.

The unconscious beauty is then carried over the shoulder to the back bedroom and the nightmare begins. Jenni is subjected to a cruel cat-and-mouse game as the kidnapper keeps her drugged with chloroform and toys with her by allowing her to try and escape, only to catch her and chloroform her before she can get away. In one scene she almost gets to her gun before she's grabbed and drugged again while the kidnapper teases her about being his helpless captive.

Jenni is progressively stripped and fondled against her will. She defiantly insists that the kidnapper give himself up but she only recieves more chloroform for her attitude. Eventually the helpless agent is stripped completely nude and has her panties stuffed in her mouth to humiliate her into submission. Soon Jenni's spirit is broken and the drugged beauty learns to obey her new master. She stands unresisting as he chloroforms her to sleep and has fun with her naked body.

Next Jenni is a cute mall girl who meets a kinky guy in an internet chatroom. He has a chloroform / kidnap fetish so she talks to her girlfriend about it. Her girlfriend tries to talk her out of it but Jenni thinks that it would be exciting to be rendered unconscious and talks about her growing interest in the fetish. Her internet mystery man shows up and gives her quite a suprise when he chloroforms her and takes her prisoner. He repeatedly drugs the innocent beauty and gives her a taste of what he has in store for her by fondling her unconscious body and keeping her half conscious.

The chloroformer knocks her out over and over again and carries her limp body over his shoulder. He then sits her in a chair and gives her a heavy groping session before moving to the next stage of torment. Next Jenni is a sexy secretary who is being stalked by a man who is after her lovely body. He sneaks into her apartment and chloroforms her then carries her into the next room where he removes her high-heels and one of her stockings. He soaks the stocking in chloroform and knocks Jenni out with it. He then ties the stocking around her head to hold the chloroform cloth over her face and continues his heavy groping.

In the final scene Jenni is a girl who enjoys sleeping in the nude. She is fondled in her sleep by her voyeuristic neighbor who chloroforms her when she wakes up. He delights in giving her drugged body a good rub down. Jenni moans and tries to resist but the man keeps her quiet and chloroformed while he fondles her. At the end Jenni wakes up and wonders: was it all just a nightmare?



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