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Beautiful Brittney Spears look-alike Jenni Lee returns for the chloroform sequel that just might beat the original! Those of you who bought Jenni's first chloroform masterpiece already know how well this intelligent and confident beauty submits to the chloroform fumes, but in this video she turns in an even more gripping performance (if that were at all possible)! This time there's a LOT more over-the-shoulder carrying and a bit more fondling of Jenni's lovely bare feet too! Also more great close-up shots of Jenni's face as she passes out too!

Jenni plays herself in the opening scene which shows how she got into chloroform videos!Jenni begins modelling for a certain photographer and poses for several glamour pics. Soon the man tries to get her to do chloroform photos but Jenni refuses. She is suddenly attacked from behind by the man's assistant who chloroforms her and fondles her plump breasts as she slowly passes out. The man then carries Jenni over-the-shoulder to a bed where he can explore her lovely body further while she sleeps.

 The photographer begins taking photos of her while she's drugged and his assistant fondles Jenni's beautiful body. Jenni eventually starts to wake up. The man chloroforms her again, but keeps her in a half-conscious state and often handgagged as the men try to peruade her to pose for chloroform pics. Jenni is defiant so she has to be knocked out over and over again to learn her lesson. The men tease her when she tries to get away and they always catch her and put her to sleep before she can escape.

Jenni can never escape the smothering of the chloroformed cloth and eventually becomes addicted to the fumes. By the end of the scene she is addicted to the chloroform and begs to be drugged! She is then forced to do chloroform photos and videos / DVDs for the photographer as he rubs her lovely bare feet and chloroforms her again! This is only the begining of Jenni's drugged nightmare! Next Jenni is a cute secretary who is overworked by her cruel boss. She goes home but a co-worker follows her and chloroforms her while she's working on her laptop. The gorgeous secretary struggles vainly as she's slowly put to sleep and fondled by the obsessed co-worker.

 He carries her around her apartment feeling her ass for a while before he decides to stuff her in the closet and let her sleep. Jenni wakes up, crawls out of the closet and tries to get out the front door but the man grabs her, handgags her and torments her for trying to get away. When Jenni starts to fight him he chloroforms her again and carries her over to the bed where he can explore her lovely body. Jenni's torment continues as she is repeatedly chloroformed and sometimes kept half conscious while the co-worker tells her about how he has always lusted after her body.

Next Jenni is an aerobics instructor with a hard body who is excercising at home when she's suddenly chloroformed by a masked stalker! She gets fondled a lot and chloroformed repeatedly as the stalker has his way with her drugged body. She's carried around over-the-shoulder and puts up a great struggle with nice dialog as she's repeatedly handgagged and teased before being chloroformed again. At the end of the scene she is stripped naked, manhandled / fondled, spanked, teased and forced into submission to the co-worker. Jenni's realistic reactions make this ONE HOT SCENE!

Jenni is a cute babysitter who tells her friend that she's been getting threatening calls from a strange man only to be suddenly chloroformed by him while she's on the phone! The stalker torments the beautiful babysitter and chloroforms her into submission. He teases her about being so helpless and plays a cruel cat-and-mouse game with her trying to get away only to be... you guessed it! Chloroformed again! The stalker carries her around over-the-shoulder and pulls of her shoes and socks. He then chloroforms her with one of her own dirty socks! Will Jenni get away or will she become a chloform slave?

There's lots of great chloroform talk / teasing / handgagging in this video and Jenni's reactions are incredibly realistic!
Jenni is truly one of the best chloroform actress we've ever worked with!




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