65 min.


For those who just can't get enough of chloroform queen Jenni Lee, here's yet another collection of scenes that's sure to please those who demand the most dramatic / erotic chloroformings! Jenni has mastered the 'sleepy' fetish and she continues to re-affirm her position as one of the most incredible actresses we've ever worked with. This collection is no exception. Several scenes feature Jenni in pantyhose and there is some nice foot fondling in several scenes!

First off, Jenni is a cute and perky college girl jogging (in tight shorts) to keep herself in shape when a white van pulls up and a ski-masked thug jumps out! Jenni is caught completely off-guard by the attack and tries to scream for help but the chloroform cloth is clamped over her face and she is roughly dragged into the van. As the van drives away the kidnapper drugs Jenni in the back, holding the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose until she slowly stops struggling and passes out. Jenni is kidnapped and driven to a secret location so that she can be subjected to more chloroforming torment.

She is carried over-the-shoulder into the thug's house and her unconscious body is laid on his bed. He removes her shoes and sneakers and has his way with her feet. He procedes to continue groping her lovely boobs and ass even as she starts to wake up. Jenni is tightly hand-gagged and teased about being the man's helpless prisoner as she struggles to get free. He begins a cat-and-mouse game with the drugged beauty by letting her try to get away, only to grab her and chloroform her just as she is about to reach the front door.

In the next scene Jenni is a cute bank teller (wearing black pantyhose) who is walking home from work when a masked stalker follows her. He sneaks into the beauty's apartment and chloroforms her while she's looking over some paperwork. Jenni is slowly drugged while her boobs are roughly groped and she soon submits to the fumes. She is carried into the bedroom (over-the-shoulder) where she is laid on the bed and fondled while she's unconscious.
When she wakes up she's tormented and fondled as she struggles in vain against the obsessed stalker. He plays cruel chloroform games with the helpless brunette until she's completely knocked out at the end of the scene.

Next Jenni's a cute cheeleader who is getting ready for the big game! She practises her cheers, totally unaware that an obsessed high school geek is hiding in her house. He sneaks out and chloroforms the innocent beauty in the middle of her cheer, hungrily groping her sweet boobs. Jenni puts up a decent struggle but she's no match for the geek's superior strength and the drugging fumes.
Soon the helpless cheerleader is knocked out and carried away (over-the-shoulder) to a destination of torment! Jenni is subjected to lots of tight handgagging / fondling as she's chloroformed repeatedly throughout the scene. She is slowly stripped of her top and ends up completely drugged into a deep sleep at the end.

Next Jenni is a sweet college schoolgirl who gets a love letter from a secret admirer. She reads the letter and cuddles up to it as she imagines who the author could be. Unfortunately for her the secret admirer is a chloroform stalker who breaks into the innocent brunette's apartment and chloroforms her when she's vulnerable.
Poor Jenni is kidnapped and carried away (over-the-shoulder) to be chloroformed over and over again as the bad man takes advantage of her innocent schoolgirl charms and molests her heavily. Will sweet Jenni escape? Of course not!

In the final scene Jenni is a drunk party girl who returns home after a night out with the girls (dressed in a sexy black skirt with black pantyhose and black boots). She puts her drink on the coffee table and leaves the room for a moment. Her neighbor is hiding in her apartment and drugs her drink with knockout drops.

 Jenni comes back and continues downing the drugged drink. She watches TV but soon gets very drowsy and slowly passes out. Her neighbor creeps out of his hiding place and menaces the drugged beauty. He fondles her and carries her around while she's knocked out. When she wakes up the chloroform games begin! Jenni is the victim of continuous chloroform attacks which leave her drugged into a deep sleep and helpless to prevent her captor from fondling her lovely body.





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