65 min.


New super-cutie Jasmine is a beautiful brunette with full, natural breasts who delivers one hell of a performance in her debut chloroform video! These photos speak for themselves but you haven't really seen Jasmine until you've seen her in motion. She has already mastered the chloroform fetish! This DVD / Video is super sexy and right on target with lots of dramatic vocal protesting, fondling, foot rubbing, & tight hand-over-mouth action.

In the first scene Jasmine answers an ad for amateur actresses and meets the director for an audition. She is innocent and naive and soon falls into the director's trap. He tricks her into playing a chloroform victim but poor Jasmine soon finds out that the chloroform is all too real! She pulls away several times and comments about the cloth's smell but the director overpowers her and chloroforms her anyway! He helps himself to Jasmine's beautiful body and fondles her while she's unconscious. He carries her over-the-shoulder into the bedroom and lays her on the bed.

He continues to fondle her as she wakes up. He teases her about 'getting the part' in his movie and torments her by keeping her half-conscious with the chloroform while fondling her breasts and ass. He keeps her handgagged throughout the scene as well. Jasmine is great as the drugged beauty who tries in vain to escape the clutches of the kinky director. He begins to play a cat-and mouse game with the helpless brunette and allows her to try to get to the front door only to capture and chloroform her every time she reaches it.

The director delights in tormenting her and showing her his photo album while she's half-conscious on the bed. He strips her a little each time he chloroforms her until she's fully naked. How will poor Jasmine ever escape?
The next scene features Jasmine as a secretary for a top secret organization who becomes the victim of a hired thug looking for special files. Jasmine comes home and takes off her high heels and rubs her legs (wearing nude pantyhose).

When she goes to her bedroom the thug strikes and chloroforms the lovely secretary while fondling her big boobs. Jasmine struggles and "MMMPH"s valiantly but she soon passes out and is carried over the shoulder while having her ass fondled by the thug. He lays her on the sofa and has a lot of fun playing with her boobs while she's knocked out. When she wakes up he handgags her and questions her about the 'secret files' while continuing to fondle her. Jasmine insists that she doesn't know what he's talking about but the man knows that she's lying.

Poor sweet Jasmine is mercilessly chloroformed into a half-conscious state and fondled / tormented! The man plays cat-and-mouse with her as she tries to escape. He chloroforms and fondles her throughout the scene sometimes keeping her half-conscious, other times knocking her out completely. Next Jasmine is an undercover cop who's looking to make a name for herself by busting a white slaver on her own without any backup. The beautiful brunette breaks into the slaver's house with her gun drawn and looks for signs of kidnapped girls. Soon she stumbles upon the slaver's photography studio and finds a bottle of chloroform.

She comments that the "chloroform...must have been what he used to drug those girls with". Suddenly the undercover beauty is caught off guard and chloroformed from behind! During the struggle she drops her gun and is overpowered by the slaver who gleefully gropes her big natural breasts while he knocks her out. He carries her over to his bed and begins to have his way with her sweet and helpless body while she's unconscious. He pulls off her high heels and rubs her bare feet. He then lets her wake up and handgags her a lot as he teases her about being a new adition to his internet slave auction!

The gorgeous lady cop is chloroformed over and over again in a cruel game of cat-and-mouse that ends up with her naked and drugged on the bed, waiting to be sold to her new internet lover. You won't want to miss the showdown with the white slaver and Jasmine at the end!
Jasmine's final scene features her as a cute 'girl-next-door' who is brushing her hair in the mirror one day when a kinky co-worker suddenly steps from behind her shower curtain and chloroforms her! The helpless damsel is quickly overpowered and fondled intensely as she's slowly put to sleep. The man carries her around over the shoulder and plays with her helpless body slowly stripping her throughout the scene as he torments her about teasing everyone at the office.



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