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You want more of her? You got her! Jasmine the gorgeous, all-natural buxom brunette who impressed everyone with her irresistable charm and true 'girl next door' appeal in her debut chloroform video returns in a great follow-up collection of chloroform knock-out scenarios that continue to demonstrate her mastery of the chloroform fetish!

WARNING: Jasmine's sweet charming smile will steal your heart!

Jasmine is a cute college co-ed who loves to gossip and chat on the phone. She spreads rumors about the wrong guy and he soon comes for his revenge! The gorgeous brunette is running her mouth to a girlfriend on the phone when she's suddenly grabbed and chloroformed from behind! Her big boobs are squeezed liberally as she struggles and eventually passes out in the man's waiting arms. He throws her over his shoulder and feels her ass as he carries her away to have some fun with her.

Jasmine is kidnapped and taken to a place where she is slowly stripped and kept sleepy with chloroform while the man gropes her lovely all-natural body. She is finally drugged to sleep again and stripped naked for the man's pleasure!
Next, Jasmine is the cutest girl in the neighborhood. All of the older men love to fantasize about her but one of them becomes obsessed with her and decides to go too far! Jasmine wakes up in the middle of the night and investigates a strange noise from her kitchen (wearing a white sports bra and matching panties). The masked stalker suddenly strikes! Poor innocent Jasmine is caught completely off guard and is chloroformed from behind while the stalker liberally fondles her big natural boobs!

Jasmine struggles and "MMMPH"s for all that she's worth but the chloroform fumes slowly drug her to sleep and she passes out in the stalker's arms. He carries the unconscious girl back into her bedroom for some all-night chloroform / fondling fun! Later in the scene Jasmine is bound to a chair and slowly wakes up from her chloroform nap only to be tightly handgagged and teased about her helplessness. The man puts a chloroform gag mask over her face and torments the protesting beauty with single drops of chloroform which he allows to drip onto the mask while fondling her luscious breasts.

 Jasmine's reactions to each new drop of chloroform are great as she pleads with her captor only to be rewarded with more chloroform drops which make her sleepier by the moment. THIS IS A VERY HOT SCENE! Jasmine is tormented with sleepiness until she can't hold her eyes open any longer. Slowly the brunette succumbs to the drugged mask and passes out.
Jasmine is a bored girl who is flipping through the TV channels with her remote when an obsessed neighbor decides to break in and take advantage of her sexy body. He sneaks up behind Jasmine's chair and suddenly chloroforms her while roughly groping her lovely boobs!

 Jasmine struggles but is eventually overcome with sleepiness and slowly submits to the neighbor's roving hands as she's drugged to sleep. The neighbor plays with her unconscious body while Jasmine is knocked out and helpless and eventually carries her (over the shoulder) into the bedroom.
Helpless sweet Jasmine is fondled while she's knocked out as the stalker helps himself to her lovely body. The neighbor even makes sure to fondle her bare feet too! Jasmine is slowly stripped naked and chloroformed again when she tries to wake up. What will be the pretty brunette's fate?

Jasmine is a college schoolgirl (with her hair in pigtails and wearing a cute plaid skirt) who is waiting for her father to pick her up from school. While she waits, a masked man soaks a handkerchief in chloroform and slowly creeps up behind the unsuspecting girl. Jasmine is quickly grabbed and chloroformed as the man gropes her breasts and keeps her from removing the cloth from her face. After a valiant struggle the poor brunette beauty is forced to submit to the chloroform fumes and slowly passes out in the man's arms. He quietly throws the drugged girl over his shoulder and feels her sweet panty-clad ass cheeks under her skirt as he carries her away.

Back at the kidnapper's hideout he has some fun fondling the beautiful body of his captive. He waits until she wakes up to call her father for the ransom. Jasmine protests like the spoiled rich girl that she is so the kidnapper keeps her tightly handgagged as he talks to her father on the phone. He chloroforms Jasmine into a half-conscious state to calm her down while he makes his ransom demands then hangs up and returns to tormenting the innocent girl with more chloroform and heavy boob fondling. He keeps Jasmine groggy some of the time and completely knocks her out when he's ready to take her back into the bedroom.

Jasmine is a sci-fi fan who is looking at a Japanese special effects book when she's suddenly chloroformed from behind by a fellow member of her sci-fi club! The lovely brunette's breasts are roughly fondled and she's slowly knocked out by the obsessed fan! He helps himself to her lovely body and torments her with chloroform whenever she wakes up and tries to escape. He keeps the beautiful brunette as his cat-and-mouse chloroform slave slowly stripping her naked and carrying her over his shoulder!





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