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Gorgeous Brunette Jasmine is a charming 'girl next door' who ends up repeatedly chloroformed stalked and fondled in this exciting knock-out extravaganza! Lots of great sexy chloroformings, heavy fondling, over-the-shoulder carrying, some nice foot rubbing and lots of tight
hand-over-mouth action!
Jasmine is a secretary who has been instructed to gaurd a computer database from rival corporations and spies. She talks on the phone to her friend about her unwanted responsibility while a masked assailant sneaks into her office.

 The beautiful secretary is suddenly grabbed from behind and chloroformed by the man who liberally fondles her plump all-natural boobs! Jasmine struggles valiantly but is eventually drugged by the fumes and passes out in the man's arms. He then carries the drugged secretary over the shoulder to a sofa where he can interrogate her. Jasmine slowly wakes up and is tightly handgagged while the man fondles her breasts and asks her questions about the database. In between hand gaggings Jasmine is defiant and refuses to admit that she knows the password so the man decides to keep applying more chloroform to keep her in a groggy state while he plays with her beautiful body.

 A dangerous game of cat-and-mouse begins with Jasmine trying several times to get away only to be captured, chlorformed, fondled and slowly stripped each time (there's a nice pantyhose stripping scene too). The beautiful secretary ends up stripped naked and is finally drugged into a deep sleep.
Next Jasmine is a bikini babe who's ready to hit the beach for a day of fun and sun, but a masked man who's hiding in her closet has other plans for the perky beach bunny! Jasmine talks to herself  as she prepares to leave for the beach, making sure that she has her towel, her suntan lotion, etc. As she goes to leave the man sneaks out of her closet and soaks a cloth with chloroform!

 The unsuspecting brunette beauty is suddenly attacked and chloroformed from behind while the man gropes her lovely boobs! Poor cutie Jasmine is soon overpowered and knocked out. She's then carried around over the shoulder as the man fondles her sweet buttcheeks and takes her back to the bedroom for some chloroform fun! The gorgeous brunette is subjected to a cruel game of cat-and-mouse as she's chased around the apartment and chloroformed over and over again. She is carried back to the bed and repeatedly handgagged while she rolls her eyes in a half-drugged state and mummbles incoherently as she's heavily fondled. She is slowly stripped of her bikini and ends up knocked out and naked.

Jasmine is putting on her make-up in the mirror one day when a masked man sneaks out of her shower and chloroforms her from behind! The brunette beauty is drugged to sleep and carried over-the shoulder to a place where the man can play with her unconscious body without being discovered. Jasmine is tormented and chloroformed repeatedly in a cruel cat-and-mouse game while slowly getting stripped naked. She ends up totally knocked out for the night and vulnerable to the roving hands of her captor!

Jasmine is reading a book in her bed when she gets sleepy and decides to go to call it a night. In the middle of the night a masked man sneaks into her home and enters her room. He feels the beautiful girl's lovely body while she sleeps until she starts to awaken. He quickly grabs her before she can scream and chloroforms her while groping her big boobs! Jasmine soon passes out and becomes his helpless captive. The man subjects her to repeated chloroformings and lots of 'hand over mouth' / fondling action, while the lovely girl drifts in and out of consciousness. How will poor Jasmine escape the clutches of the chloroform stalker?






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