1 hour

Gorgeous buxom brunette 'girl next door' Jasmine is back for another great collecton of top-notch chloroform knock-outs with lots of fondling of her famous all-natural boobs! Lots of tight hand gagging, cat-and-mouse chases, over-the-shoulder carrying and even some foot fondling too!
As many fans already know Jasmine's performance is great with lots of groggy eye-rolling, sexy moaning, and a sweet, charming style that is all her own!

Jasmine is a fitness-minded girl who's out for a morning jog when a white van pulls up beside her and a ski-masked man leaps out! The unsuspecting buxom beauty is grabbed and a chloroform pad is clamped over her face as she's pulled into the back of the van! Jasmine struggles wildly but is slowly subdued by the chloroform fumes as her big boobs are roughly groped and she eventually passes out as the van drives away. When she tries to wake up the man chloroforms the helpless damsel again and keeps her drugged for the rest of the trip.

Jasmine is kidnapped and taken to a place where the man can play with her in private. He carries the drugged girl over-the-shoulder to a room where he feels her boobs while she wakes up. The masked man delights in handgagging the helpless brunette and teasing her about being his prisoner. Jasmine is groggy and tries to resist his fondling but he easily overpowers her and keeps her sleepy with the chloroform. He plays a cruel cat-and mouse game with his captive as she desperately tries to reach the front door only to be pounced upon and knocked out again and again! Jasmine is slowly stripped naked and given a heavy dose of chloroform at the end to keep her out for the night.

Next Jasmine is a secretary who comes home from work and kicks off her shoes. As she rubs her pantyhosed feet a masked co-worker sneaks out of her closet and soaks a pad of cloth with chloroform! He grabs her from behind, clamping a chloroform pad over her face and hungrily groping her plump boobs! Jasmine 'MMMPH's intensely as she's slowly drugged and groped but the man eventually wins the struggle and she ends up knocked out in his arms. The man's dream to have her in his clutches overwhealms him with enthusiasm and he keeps her as his drugged slave, continuously knocking her out out and keeping her groggy while he plays with her lovely boobs and butt! The gorgeous secretary is finally chloroformed heavily at the end.

Next Jasmine is a bikini model who calls her friend to complain about the photographer she worked with who suddenly touched her boobs! While she expresses dismay at being groped a ski-masked man slowly sneaks up behind her and soaks a chloroform pad. Jasmine is suddenly caught off guard and chloroformed from behind as the man subdues her and takes advantage of her luscious breasts! Jasmine slowly passes out and is carried over-the-shoulder to her bed where the man continues fondling her lovely boobs.

The groggy brunette eventually wakes up but is tightly handgagged and taunted by the man. He plays cat-and-mouse with her as she tries to escape and always captures her before she can get away. He chloroforms her over and over again and slowly strips her of her top, then eventually her bikini bottoms, leaving her naked and heavily chloroformed at the end of the scene. This scene includes a nude in-the-arms (craddle) carrying shot.

In another great bikini scene Jasmine is a tourist at a beachfront hotel who's stalked by a hotel worker with access to her room. He hides in her closet and leaves his chloroform bottle sitting on the bed for her to find. Jasmine returns after tanning and finds the bottle on her bed. She picks it up and reads the label aloud: "Chloroform?" Suddenly the buxom beach bunny is grabbed from behind and chloroformed! She's carried over to the bed and groped by the stalker as he waits for her to wake. His fun begins when Jasmine tries to get free only to become a repeated victim of his chloroform cloth! Jasmine is slowly stripped naked and finally heavily chloroformed to sleep.




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