1 Hour



She's back by popular demand! For those who just can't get enough of the cute and charming all-natural buxom brunette Jasmine returns for another collection of sexy chloroform / kidnap scenes! Jasmine is repeatedly stalked, chloroformed, fondled, spanked, kept half-conscious, and subjected to cruel cat-and-mouse chloroform games!

In the first scene Jasmine is an undercover detective (wearing tight blue jeans, a white tank top, and open-toed sandals) looking for the white slavers who have already kidnapped several other beautiful undercover agents! Arrogantly the buxom detective decides to make the bust by herself and ends up in deep trouble! She sneaks into their fake photography studio and suprfises one of the slavers (or so she thinks)! THIS IS A HOT SCENE SHOWN FROM THE SLAVER'S POINT-OF-VIEW! Jasmine accusses him of kidnapping the other girls but the man denies the charges and distracts her by suggesting that she model for him. Jasmine's ego almost betrays her until she sees a bottle of chloroform and suddenly remembers her mission!

Too late! Another slaver quickly grabs the buxom damsel from behind and clamps a pad of chloroform over her face! Jasmine struggles and "MMMPH"s for all she's worth as her big beautiful boobs are roughly fondled and she's slowly put to sleep. The helpless detective passes out in the slaver's arms and he throws her over his shoulder, smacking her blue jean ass as he carries her into the other room. Jasmine is knocked out and helpless toprevent the man from having his fun! Even when she wakes up she is so groggy and helpless that the thug easily dominates her and handgags her while groping her big boobs!

The thug plays his cruel game of cat-and-mouse with the lovely detective allowing her to try to sleepily make her way to the door, only to grab her from behind before she can get away and chloroform her again! He plays with his drugged victim by taunting her and reminding her about how helpless she is. He gleefully pulls her boobs out and continuosly muffles her mouth with a tight black glove handgag (and often a chloroform pad) as he dominates the groggy girl! What will be the fate of the captive detective?

Next Jasmine is a secretary working overtime at the office when an obsessed co-worker sneaks into the room and watches her as she types on her computer. Jasmine is caught completely unaware when the man suddenly clamps the chloroform cloth over her face! She "MMMMMPH"s mightily as her big beautiful boobs are groped and manhandled! The man keeps the cloth in place as Jasmine struggles to free herself from his tight grip but he easily overpowers her and slowly puts the brunette beauty to sleep! Jasmine is in trouble now and is helpless to prevent the man's roving hands from exploring her drugged body! He delights in keeping her sedated with the chloroform and teasing her about being so helpless. Jasmine tries to get away several times only to be pulled back to her office chair and chloroformed again! At one point Jasmine's skirt is pulled up and her bare muff is exposed as she struggles! Will the poor secretary ever escape from her obsessed stalker?

Jasmine is a bikini model (barefoot) who is doing a shoot with a new photographer when he tries to talk her into doing bondage videos! Jasmine tries to shy away from the conversation and declines his offer but the photographer isn't taking 'no' for an answer! While he tries to persuade the smiling bikini-clad beauty his partner sneaks up behind her and soaks a cloth with chloroform! Jasmine is suddenly jumped and chloroformed from behind! The thug grabs her big boobs as she gasps and struggles, trying to cry for help! Jasmine is slowly overpowered and knocked out. The man then carries his sleeping victim over-the-shoulder to a waiting bed (feeling her ass along the way) where he and his partner (camera's point-of-view) fondle Jasmine's boobs and make comments about how easily she fell into their trap. Jasmine is subjected to repeated chloroformings and is slowly stripped as her boobs bounce freely and are heavily groped! What will become of the captive bikini model?

Next Jasmine is a Plain Jane 'girl-next-door' coming home from the store. She walks into her living room all perky and sweet (in her blue skirt, blue-striped top and open-toed high heels) when she's suddenly grabbed from behind by a ski-masked man and a chloroform pad covers her cute face! Jasmine is put to sleep and her luscious boobs are fondled as she passes out. The man throws her over his shoulder, flips up her skirt exposing her panty-clad buttcheeks and smacks her buns as he carries her around the house. Jasmine is layed on a sofa unconscious and vulnerable to the man's hungry hands as he plays with her sleeping body. Jasmine awakens and is again subjected to cat-and-mouse chloroform stalking games as the man teases his helpless victim and chloroforms her into a groggy state every time she becomes too conscious. What will happen to the captured 'girl-next-door'?

Jasmine (wearing a tight black casual dress that shows off her cleavage) is talking on the phone to her girlfriend about a dangerous man who is chloroforming and fondling women in the neighborhood (this is a great kinky talking scene)! Jasmine comments that she hopes it never happens to her, but unknown to the buxom brunette beauty the man is hiding in her bedroom and hears her conversation. He soaks his cloth with chloroform and stalks his lovely victim as she finishes her conversation. At the moment she hangs up he strikes! Jasmine is suprised when her boobs are clenched but the chloroform pad muffles her screams! The masked man drugs his gorgeous captive to sleep and gives her plenty of fondling as she loses consciousness so that she can know what awaits her! Jasmine becomes the masked groper's helpless plaything as she holds her captive and chloroforms her throughout the night! What hope is there for the drugged damsel?




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