37 mins.


Beautiful buxom all-natural 'girl next door' London Andrews debuts with a stunning chloro release that is sure to please fans of voluptuous women getting drugged & fondled! London comes home from a long day of work exhausted and wanting to rest. She walks into her living room barefoot in her tight dress and begins to daydream about the day's events. Poor innocent London has no idea what's in store for her! She will soon be resting for sure as a masked stalker sneaks out of his hiding place and creeps up on her with his chloro cloth in hand! London is taken completely by suprise as the cloth is clamped tightly over her face! The helpless buxom damsel "MMMMMPH"s beautifully as her all-natural titanic boobs are hungrily groped by the obsessed stalker! She struggles in vain as she is forced to inhale the sleep-inducing fumes! Soon the brunette beauty becomes very groggy and slowly passes out in the man's arms. Her eyes roll in drugged ecstacy as she finally succumbs to the chloroform!

The masked villain lays her on her bed and has his fun exploring her voluptuous body while she sleeps. He plays with her boobs and admires his prize. London eventually begins to wake up and finds herself trapped in a chloroform nightmare! The man teases poor London and handgags her often as she pleads for mercy. She "MMMMMPH"s beautifully as she endures the relentless fondling attacks and teasing about her being such a sleepy helpless prisoner! London tries to escape only to be chlroroformed again! She is sometimes kept in a groggy state as her boobs and buttcheeks are constantly clenched and squeezed! Slowly the cute girl next door is robbed of her innocence as she's slowly stripped naked and repeatedly drugged with chloroform! What will be poor London's fate?

In the next scene London is sleeping peacefully in her bed in her sexy lingerie when a masked villain sneaks into her home and decides to make her his drugged slave! He carefully runs his hand up her leg and begins to rub her body while she sleeps. She sleeps on, unaware of his fondling until he begins to heavily squeeze her boobs! Londow finally wakes up and gasps in horror! She tries to ask the man what he's doing but gets a face full of chloroform! London fights back but the man quickly overpowers her and the chloroform fumes soon drug her into a sleepy state! The masked man teases her about being his captive and he fondles her big boobs as her eyes roll and she moans her way into a deep sleep!

London becomes the man's personal chloro slave and he takes full adantage of her bountifully curvy body, repeatedly knocking her out and often keeping her groggy so that she can know what's happening but is helpless to prevent it! London tries to escape twice but each time she's captured again, handgagged, fondled & chloroformed RIGHT IN FRONT OF A MIRROR! The man forces poor London to watch herself being chloroformed! The kinky cat-and-mouse game leads to a final drugging on the bed with London completely unconscious and the man's hands firmly groping her massive boobs!

Next London is a female spy (in a sexy red dress) who breaks into the hotel room of a rival organization! She speaks to her voice recorder as she searches the room but unfortunately for her she's dealing with professionals and one of the henchmen discovers her snooping around the room! He sneaks up behind the unsuspecting spy girl as she speaks into her recorder and clamps a chloroform cloth over her face! London immediately gasps into the cloth and her muffled protests begin! The man grabs her big tits and squeezes them heavily as London is slowly put to sleep! Eventually the amateur spy girl is overcome by the chloro fumes and passes out in his arms. The man then sits her in a chair for interrogation but has lots of fun with her while she's unconscious! London's huge hooters are given a major fondling workout as she sleeps.

Later sleepy London wakes up with the man still playing with her tits. She tries to act innocent when he questions her and it's obvious that she's going to be uncooperative so the man tightly handgags her! London still continues to try to talk but her muffled sounds only excite the man and he fondles her more intensely. Eventually he decides its time to calm her down and smothers her face with more chloroform! London becomes very sleepy again even as she continues to protest her innocence and the man leaves the cloth laying over her face as he continues squeezing and slapping her boobs around!

London ends up on the bed and her interrogation continues as the man rubs her naked ass cheeks always threatening more chloroform. Will London give in and reveal her secrets or will she end up yet another drugged and kidnapped spy girl waiting to be 'broken'?







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