1 hour
Starring: Alexis, Victoria, Nasia, Jenni Lee and Brittany

Special Guest Villain: Dominic Wolfe


Our first collaboration with 'The Gag-Master' Dominic Wolfe this video turned out GREAT and Dominic was an excellent villain as usual. This video also features 4 gorgeous newcomers who give top notch performances! In the opening scene rival cheerleaders captains Alexis and Victoria -(wearing her actual cheerleader uniform from high school - no kidding!) are staying at a hotel for the big game coming up.

They freshen up in the bathroom talking about their ordeal with the thugs who chloroformed them and held them captive in their all-chloro video HERE. The cute cheerleaders talk about what the men did to them and how they feared for their lives. Little do the cheerleading beauties know that the thugs have returned and are now hiding in their hotel room! Alexis leaves the bathroom and listens while Victoria continues to talk. As she rounds a corner Alexis is suddenly grabbed and a chloroform pad is clamped over her face. She is roughly groped as she struggles and Victoria continues to talk in the background, totally unaware that Alexis is being drugged and is unable to hear her muffled cries for help.

During the struggle Victoria even walks out into the room to get something out of her bag but her back is turned to Alexis and she is too busy talking to hear her friend's feeble moans or notice that poor Alexis is slowly getting chloroformed to sleep just a few feet from her. Victoria returns to the bathroom and Alexis passes out with a final sigh. Victoria can still be heard talking in the background as Alexis is carried over to the bed and quickly bound by Dominic Wolfe (completely on-screen). When she starts to wake up Alexis is handgagged, then mercilessly gagged by Dominic in his inimitable style.

 A wad of cloth is crammed into her mouth and her muffled lips are sealed with a roll of surgical tape that is wrapped around her head several times until she can barely be heard. Soon Victoria walks into the room and stops cold in her tracks! She sees her helpless bound and gagged friend struggling and "Mmmmph"ing for all that she's worth! Before Victoria can scream for help she's suddenly grabbed and chloroformed by the other thug! The beautiful raven-haired cheerleader is slowly knocked out and her breasts are fondled heavily. Alexis watches helplessly bound and gagged as her friend is drugged to sleep right in front of her, then bound next to her on the bed (all on-screen).

 When Victoria wakes up her mouth is stuffed and sealed with a roll of tape and she's fondled along with Alexis as they struggle and protest. THIS IS ONE VERY HOT SCENE with excellent choreography and lots of muffled distress as the girls are forced several times to look into each other's eyes and acknowledge their gagged submission! After more continuous bondage torment the thugs finally chloroform their captives. Next the thugs take care of another unsuspecting cheerleader. Beautiful blonde Brittany is talking on her cellphone to a friend. She talks about what happened to her when she was kidnapped (CCL-1 - CHLOROFORMED CHEERLEADERS).

 Suddenly the blonde beauty is chloroformed from behind! She struggles valiantly as she's roughly groped and slowly chloroformed to sleep. She is carried over to her bed and is tightly bound. As she wakes up she is handgagged and teased. Then she is gagged with several strips of duct tape and fondled. The thug soon leaves to let her struggle and Brittany does so with a gusto! You'll definitely be hearing about this lovely girl after this video! Brittany gives a great struggle but eventually the man returns and chloroforms her to sleep.

Jenni Lee is next! She's innocently practicing her cheers when she's suddenly jumped and chloroformed! Her lovely body becomes the property of the obsessed thug as he carries her to her bed and hogties her. When Jenni wakes she's handgagged, teased and gagged with duct tape. She is subjected to cruel fondling and then is left to struggle and protest while the thug prepares for a long night of fun. Cute and perky Cindy (Nasia) is the final cheerleader on the list. The brunette cutie is practicing her cheers, completely unaware of the fate of her friends, when a thug sneaks into her room and chloroforms her from behind!

 He gropes the innocent cheerleaders plump boobs and keeps her screams muffled as she slowly passes out in his arms. He carries her over to the bed and binds her with duct tape. When she wakes up he handgags her and teases her. He then gags her with several strips and lets her try to get away. Sweet Cindy struggles valiantly and "Mmmmph"s heavily but she is too well bound to escape. Eventually the thug returns and chloroforms her to sleep. Mission accomplished!



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