(Special Guest appearance by AKIRA LANE)




Our two new Japanese beauties Akira Lane and now Yuri are gorgeous and talented girls who really know how to take The Cloth! Yuri makes her chloroform debut here for your pleasure (with a lengthy guest appearance by Akira Lane) and pleasure is what you get when this cute Japanese girl gets smothered repeatedly to sleep! She protests beautifully and has big beautiful 'anime' eyes that will charm most chloro fans instantly! Lots of nice panty shots and pantyhose are on display!

In the opening scene Yuri is talking with her girlfriend on the phone about a guy in her college class who wants to 'chloroform roleplay' with her! She talks about how he wants to chloroform her and fondle her but she isn't sure if she wants to do it or not. As she describes his fetish that same man sneaks up behind her and suddenly clamps the chloroform cloth over her gorgeous face! Yuri's big beautiful eyes open wide in shock! The cute Japanese girl "MMMMMPH"s in surprise as the phone is wrested from her hand and her boobs are suddenly groped! She quickly begins to struggle and protest as her college school mate fondles her and slowly puts her to sleep!

Yuri passes out beautifully and is carried over the shoulder to her bed where the man lays her down and proceeds to fondle her sweet and innocent body! He pulls up Yuri's skirt exposing her cute white panties and plays with her boobs while she's knocked out! Eventually Yuri wakes up and tries to escape but she's quickly recaptured and handgagged / fondled / kept drugged and groggy and is taken back to the bed where she is repeatedly chloroformed and groped by the hungry hands of the obsessed college student! After a total of 3 over the shoulder carries and escape attempts Yuri is questioned by her attacker and the answers she gives are VERY HOT before she is finally chloroformed to sleep for the night!

Next Yuri is a secretary who is getting a promotion at her company but her jealous rival secretary Akira Lane decides to get rid of her and sets up a deal with a white slaver to sell the gorgeous Japanese girl on the black market! (This is a SUPER HOT scene and is destined to become a classic!) Akira sneaks up on the unsuspecting secretary and suddenly clamps a chloroform handkerchief over her cute face! Yuri "MMMMMPH"s in suprise and struggles as Akira holds the cloth over the shocked girl's face forcing her to inhale the anesthetic fumes as she grabs the helpess secretary's boobs! Akira makes lots of kinky comments about how cute Yuri is and how much she's going to get for selling her.

Yuri fights back enough to get out of her chair and turns towards Akira as Akira continues to press the cloth over Yuri's face and continues to grope her boobs! Yuri faces the smiling evil secretary and decides to give Akira a boob groping of her own! As the smaller Japanese girl struggles to breathe she squeezes Akira's boobs but Akira knows the girl is too weak to escape and she teases Yuri as the girl gets sleepier and sleepier and even kisses Yuri on the cheek while chloroforming her! Akira continues to fondle Yuri's boobs as the chloroform dominates the smaller girl, her valiant struggles slowing as her big beautiful eyes roll in drugged ecstacy. She finally passes out beautifully in her office chair. Akira pulls up Yuri's blouse to expose her cute breasts which Akira lovingly fondles as she comments on the white slaver who will be there soon to kidnap her!

She shows an unnatural attraction to handgagging the sleeping beauty and does so quite often. The slaver arrives and Akira shows off her drugged victim, letting him fondle Yuri's boobs as they discuss the sale! When the man is finished fondling the drugged secretary's boobs Akira continues to fondle them herself and doesn't notice the man sneaking up behind her. Suddenly the slaver clamps his own chloroform pad over Akira's face! The gorgeous secretary "MMMMMPH"s in shock as her boobs are groped by the double-crossing slaver! She struggles and protests dramatically and reaches out to shake Yuri awake but the coniving secretary is no match for the slaver who easily knocks her out (just as Yuri wakes up in time to see Akira's rolling eyes as the evil secretary passes out next to her). The man lays Akira across Yuri's lap then fondles the groggy Yuri before chloroforming her back to sleep!

The two secretaries lie unconscious on a bed at the slaver's hideout. He enters the room and begins to fondle Akira's boobs. She slowly begins to wake up but the man presses the chloroform pad over her face and Akira passes out again. He gives the same treatment to Yuri and continues to chloroform the gorgeous secretaries when they try to wake up! (there are some nice panty shots of Akira - Yuri isn't wearing panties in this scene so her naked shaved pussy is exposed). After a while the man lets the girls wake up and try to get away only to grab them before they can get to the door and chloroform them again. He keeps them in a groggy state and chloroforms them in front of each other making them witness the drugging of the other! What will become of the gorgeous drugged secretaries?!?

In the next scene Yuri is a college co-ed who comes home from school and walks into her room only to be jumped and chloroformed by a perverse masked stalker who can't control his fantasies! He covers the gorgeous Japanese girl's face with his chloroform cloth to muffle her cries and wastes no time in groping her boobs through her tight sweater! He slowly drugs the cute co-ed to sleep as her big beautiful eyes roll and her protests slowly trail off. He then carries his victim over the shoulder to her bed where he fondles her while she's knocked out! He then subjects the innocent girl to continuous chloroform attacks as she tries desperately to get away from his hungry hands! Will the captive co-ed escape or will she be kidnapped by the masked stalker?!?

In the final scene Yuri is stalked by an obsessed neighbor who loves Japanese girls! She lays down on her couch to read a book and soon falls asleep. While she slumbers the neighbor comes out of hiding and begins to fondle the sleeping woman. She slowly begins to wake up but the man holds a chloroform handkerchief inches away from her face allowing her to breathe the fumes without touching her face! Yuri is kept in a limbo state of grogginess, unable to fully wake up while being fondled and slowly moving her head and arms in a sign that something is wrong that is keeping her from sleeping peacefully. Eventually the man removes the cloth from in front of her face and lets her wake up. Yuri slowly comes around as the man continues to fondle her but just as soon as she realizes what is going on a hand gag keeps her from screaming and a chloroform handkerchief is held in front of her shocked face!

Yuri's beautiful eyes open wide as she stares at the cloth in horror, knowing what will come next! The cloth descends smothering her screams as the man continues clenching her boobs! Yuri's lovely big eyes are incredibly expressive as she's slowly put to sleep and her protests are great! The man plays with the unconscious Japanese girl's body and dominates her for the rest of the night! He allows her to wake up and try to get away only to grab her and handgag her while she groggily moans as he fondles her. He tells her that he knows she has been teasing him for a long time thus justifying his decision to hold her captive! The obsessed stalker opens Yuri's top and plays with her naked boobs as she tries in vain to get her strength back. The man keeps her groggy most of the time but knocks her out completely several times as he torments her throughout the night. What will be the fate of the gorgeous damsel?!?





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