1 hour


Jasmine is back! The gorgeous buxom brunette with the winning smile (and all-natural breasts) who charmed chlroform fans everywhere returns for this knock-out extravaganza that is sure to be one of your favorites! Jasmine is possibly the most beautiful and charming woman to ever master the knock-out fetish and she proves once again why she's THE Chloroform Queen! Lots of great vocal protesting, heavy fondling, hand-over-mouth action, stalking, and even foot fondling!

Jasmine is a mischeivous prank caller who likes to call men at random and flirt with them, teasing them with the promise of sex, only to make fun of them and hang up every time. One night she calls the wrong guy and he threatens to teach her a lesson. He tells her that he's going to knock her out over and over again and fondle her when he catches her but Jasmine makes fun of him and ignores his threats. Later that night, while she's in the middle of another prank call, the man sneaks into her house and creeps up on her with chloroform in hand.

Jasmine is caught in mid-sentence as the cloth is clamped tightly over her face! The beautiful buxom girl tries to cry out for help as she's roughly fondled and teased by the man but her pleas are muffled and she can only struggle in vain as she's slowly drugged to sleep. The fumes eventually overpower the sleepy damsel and she passes out in the man's arms while he continues to grope her lovely all-natural boobs.

Jasmine is subjected to lots of fondling while she's knocked out. When she wakes up a tight hand covers her mouth and muffles her protests. The man delights in tormenting her for being such a tease while the struggling beauty "Mmmmph"s in protest. The man continues to apply the chloroform cloth and keeps the beautiful brunette in a drugged state while he handgags her and fondles her lovely body. He plays a cruel game of 'cat-and-mouse' with his drugged captive and stalks her as she tries to get away. Every time she gets near the door he grabs her and chloroforms her again and carries her over-the-shoulder.

The man delights in removing her shoes and fondling her bare feet while she's knocked out. In the next scene Jasmine plays herself as she answers and ad for bikini models. She poses and smiles innocently for the photographer as he snaps his shots but eventually the man asks her to do bondage work for him. Jasmine is reluctant and tries to decline his offer but the man's partner suddenly grabs the lovely brunette from behind and chloroforms her! Poor Jasmine is groped by the man's hungry hands as she's slowly drugged to sleep. She is then tormented by the men as they repeatedly chloroform her and play with her beautiful body and fondle her lovely bare feet.

Jasmine is caught in another 'cat-and-mouse' game as the men tease her about being their slave while keeping her half-conscious with the chloroform and handgagging her repeatedly to keep her sleepy moans under control. Every time she tries to escape she's captured and drugged again (she is sometimes carried around over-the-shoulder) and her bikini is slowly removed to reveal her beautiful naked body. Later she is carried into the bedroom and gassed to sleep with an oxygen mask that pumps her full of sleeping gas while her big boobs are subjected to heavy fondling. At the very end Jasmine is brainwashed into doing bondage movies for free. She obeys her new masters when they tell her to gag herself and stands naked, ready to be commanded sporting a tight cleave gag!

Jasmines adventures continue in this hot, fast-paced druggging extravaganza! In one scene she is a cute college girl who travels door-to-door to raise money for her marathon run but eventually ends up knocking on the wrong door! The guy invites her inside and makes a drink for her laced with knock-out drops! Jasmine drinks it all down while talking all about her upcoming race. She eventually gets sleepy and tries to stay awake but the drugs are too powerful (this is one HOT scene). The man teases her about being drugged when she's too weak to do anything about it. Jasmine tries to get up and leave but the drugs have taken their toll. The sleepy brunette slowly passes out as the man fondles her big breasts.

Jasmine is subjected to 'cat-and-mouse' chloroform stalking and is heavily fondled and handgagged throughout the scene. The gorgeous buxom beauty is slowly stripped naked and is given a strong chloroforming at the end to keep her unconscious while the man prepares her for captivity.