45 min.

Starring: Nadia


Everybody's favorite girl detective Nadia is back on the case in this kinky adventure! Beautiful girls are disappearing all over the city and it's up to Nadia to catch the kidnappers. She tracks down the bad guys and gets a warrant to search their hideout, but true to her spunky rebellious nature the gorgeous detective goes in without back-up and ends up in deep trouble!

The bad guys act like they don't have anything to hide and allow Nadia to search the place, but when she discovers a strange bottle of liquid she notices the all too familiar fumes of chloroform and confronts the kidnappers! Nadia is overpowered and chloroformed before she can get to her gun and is carried away to begin her bondage nightmare!

The kidnappers bind Nadia and when she awakens she is mercilessly handgagged, teased, and cleave gagged! The undercover beauty rolls around on the sofa "Mmmmph"ing and struggling to get free. Eventually she spots a pair of scissors and hops across the room to cut her bonds. When she frees herself, Nadia is angry and decides to call for back-up.

The kidnappers catch her before she can make the call and chloroform her again. Nadia is carried into the next bedroom and bound with tape. She wakes up and tries to argue with the kidnappers but they gag her and leave her to struggle and moan for a while. Nadia is put through a humiliating scene in which she is forced to pose for internet photos while gagged (not bound). She pleads with her merciless captors but she only recieves more time in bondage for her complaining.

Eventually her humiliation includes the kidnappers forcing her to wear attractive feminine clothes to tame her fiesty attitude and in one scene when she gets too mouthy she's ballgagged with a big red one and bound for good measure! Nadia rolls around on the bed whining for release, her beautiful mouth stretched & plugged by the fat ballgag.

Later the kidnappers carry her over the shouolder into the back room and tie her to a chair. They force her to drink a drugged drink and watch as the helpless detective slowly passes out. The kidnappers then negotiate her sale over the Net but Nadia is in need of more training.

What will become of the helpless undercover beauty? Will she escape? Is this the end of the spunky girl detective? Found out in the exciting conclusion!




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