40 mins

Ropework by: DonSir


Curvy buxom all-natural & feisty JJ Plush bursts onto the scene as 'Stara' (the sister of the missing super damsel 'Amerigana') in this kinky superheroine KO & bondage fest
that delivers VERY HOT action you won't want to miss!

Feisty powered-up all-natural buxom superheroine Stara enters the hideout of the wicked white slavers and demands that they free her sister Amerigana and all of the other girls they kidnapped. The thugs try to ambush Stara! A black leather gloved thug tries to subdue the star-spangled heroine with a gloved hand over mouth & a good grope to show her who's boss but the super sister of Amerigana is not so easily defeated! Stara knocks the thug away from her and attacks his partner (from the partner's POV). The partner distracts Stara while the other thug recovers and springs on her from behind! Stara's tough talking mouth is smothered with a sleepy cloth and her big boobies are hungrily groped by the thug as the muffled super damsel "MMMMMPH"s beautifully in his clutches!

Stara is teased by the man's partner as she is slowly dominated and succumbs to the enveloping arms of sleep! Eventually the costumed crusader passes out in the arms of her captor and her boobs become his to do with as he pleases! Stara is then thrown over the man's shoulder, her ass is smacked and she is carried away to be gagged!

The super heroine damsel is taken into the next room and dumped on a bed where she is bound into an intricate hogtie! Stara begins to wake up during the tie but is smothered to sleep again in another gorgeous eye rolling passout! When she is completely bound with ropes Stara wakes up again but her feisty demands are met with a wad of cloth that is shoved in her super mouth and a firm gloved hand that grips her beautiful face! Stara "MMMMMPH"s her complaints but is soon gagged with a roll of microfoam tape that gets wrapped around her head!

Now the super damsel is completely subdued & secured! Her captor fondles her all-natural boobies and his partner shoots video footage of her humiliation and teases her with kinky comments! Stara struggles & protests beautifully as she is mocked and groped by perverse fiends! After a nice struggle Stara is groped some more and teased with the sleepy cloth until the thug covers her face with it once more! Poor Stara the helpless superheroine! The once powerful Amazon warrior is slowly knocked unconscious once again by the all powerful sleepy cloth!

In the next scene Stara goes to the home of the fan who won her comic book contest ready to have fun and do whatever he wants! The fan greets her and their conversation soon turns kinky as the fan tells her his most perverted desires! Stara is shocked to find that he wants to do kinky things with her! When his masked partner grabs her from behind and begins to grope her the poor super damsel's world is suddenly turned upside down as she realizes that not all of her fans are wholesome and that she is in the clutches of 2 of her most perverted fans!

Stara tries desperately to talk her way out of the raw deal but her fans insist that she honor her commitment to indulge their desires as the masked fan continues fondling her lovely body! Soon it's time for the squirming superheroine to go nighty-night so the fans tease her about the inevitable cloth that will soon cover her face! Stara tries only feebly to get away, knowing she must submit to the perverts' desires and is forced to inhale the sleepy cloth as it smothers her to sleep!

Stara slowly passes out gorgeously with sexy rolling eyelids and fading protests.

When she wakes up Stara is put back under with the sleepy cloth AGAIN while being groped!

Stara wakes up later to find herself intricately bound to a chair! The super damsel struggles and demands to be freed but a firm leather gloved hand puts a stop to her feisty mouth and muffles her tough talk to a very sexy flurry of gag-talk! Stara is indignant at the treatment her mouth recieves and is even more shocked when her mouth is stuffed with fat wad of cloth and secured by white tape wrapped around her head into a tight cleave gag! Stara is teased by the men and groped as her struggles are recorded on a video camera for the world to witness her bondage humiliation!

Stara gives a sexy flurry of "MMMMMPH"s and gag-talk as she struggles agains her intricate bonds, hungry for revenge but dismayed that there appears to be no hope for her at the hands of her perverted fans! The cruel men wrap Stara's mouth up even tighter with a roll of gag wrap! The feisty super damsel is made much quieter after the wrapping but she still gives a spirited "MMMMMPH!". The kinky men suddenly reveal that they are also 'white slavers' / sex slavers and that they plan to sell poor gagged Stara on the white slavery internet auction block! This news sends Stara to new levels of distress! The helplessly bound & tightly gagged superheroine mumbles her displeasure at the revelation and vows to stop them (but they may not have understood her threats)!

Soon the time comes to transport the captive costumed cutie so the thugs tease their gagged super babe with the ever familiar sleepy cloth! Stara knows that she can't escape the inevitable as the cloth covers her tightly gagged face and she breathes once more the all consuming scent of chemically forced sleep!




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