Jasmine is a beautiful new bondage virgin who makes her spectacular debut here! Bound and gagged for the first time ever this lovely brunette will charm her way into your hearts with her true 'girl-next-door' looks, all natural breasts, and spunky personality. Jasmine is really a sweet girl who is very intelligent and great fun to work with. She is great with her facial expressions of distress and can really act and improvise well. She does some of the best and sexiest vocal protesting we've ever heard!

In the first scene Jasmine is a girl who makes fun of a geek with her friends at the mall. When she goes home the geek follows her and breaks in while she's talking to her friend on the phone. He listens to her talk about him and she laughs at his threats to 'shut her big mouth'. Suddenly the geek clamps his hand over her mouth and makes her hang up the phone. Jasmine is shocked and struggles with the man as he tells her that he's going to keep his promise and shut her up. Jasmine is defiant and tries to call her 'daddy' but the man means business and he soon chloroforms her before she can make the call.

Jasmine gives a decent struggle as her big beautiful boobs are fondled mercilessly by the man but eventually she is chloroformed to sleep and the man quickly binds her to a chair with duct tape (barefoot scene). When she wakes, Jasmine is still defiant and argues with the man in-between tight hand gaggings until he cleave gags her with a thick strip of cloth. Jasmine continues to insult him even after she's gagged but the man ignores her muffled protests (which results in lots of 'gag talk') while the man helps himself to her lovely boobs . Eventually, the cleave gag is removed and replaced by several strips of duct tape!

Throughout the scene Jasmine is progressively stripped for her defiance until she is left naked and humiliated in order to learn her lesson. Finally she is chloroformed again and left for her mother to discover her.
In the next scene Jasmine is a beautiful secretary who is handgagged, then bound and gagged with duct tape while a criminal searches her home for secret documents. Jasmine struggles and "MMMPH"s intensely as she tries to get free (nice pantyhose bondage scene) in this hot scene. The man returns to pull down her panty hose as well as her panties and leaves the secretary struggling naked. Will she escape and protect the secret files or will the criminal win in the end?

Next, Jasmine is an undercover cop who made the mistake of trying to bust a white slaver all by herself. Now she's yet another of his drugged victims who is stripped naked and fondled by the fiend! He delights in cleave gagging her and chloroforming her into a groggy state while he ropes her up. As Jasmine struggles and protests he teases her about selling her to his internet buddies and fondles her breasts and ass liberally. He leaves her to struggle on the bed while he arranges an auction for her to be sold over the Net. Jasmine eventually frees herself (but keeps her gag on for a while) and retrieves her gun. You won't want to miss the exciting showdown between the Jasmine and the slaver!

Next, Jasmine is a party girl with a fun-loving attitiude wearing a low cut purple top to show off her breasts, short black shorts and white high heeels. When her neighbor loses control of his desires he stalks the lovely brunette. Poor Jasmine is attacked in her home and chloroformed by her neighbor who fondles her big breasts as she slowly passes out in his arms. He carries her in his arms back to her bedroom where he binds her with surgical tape on her bed. When Jasmine wakes up she is handgagged and fondled while the man tells her of his sinister plans!

He stuffs a silk glove and panties in her her mouth and gags her with several strips of surgical tape. Jasmine gets to her feet and hops all around her apartment with her big boobs bouncing all over. The man follows her around as she tries to get to the phone, then the front door, always teasing her as she hops around. Eventually he strips off her top and confines her to the bedroom. He spanks her while she struggles and she protests furiously while rolling around all over the bed. When she gets too wild he finally chloroforms her.

A truly winning combination of a beautiful talented bondagette & the sharp camerawork and choreography that you've come to expect from Paragon.



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