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Jasmine is back!
The gorgeous brunette with true 'girl next door' charm who won the hearts of many bondage fans with her debut video returns in her follow-up which is just as good, if not better! Jasmine is a girl detective (in skin-tight blue jeans) who gets a call from her boss telling her that an escaped convict is on the loose and may try to get revenge on her for putting him behind bars. The beautiful brunette is shocked and immediately goes into her bedroom to get her gun. What she doesn't know is that the convict is already in the house! He sneaks out of a closet and puts knock-out drops in her coffee, then returns to his hiding place.

Jasmine returns to the room and drinks her coffee while looking out for the convict. Eventually she becomes sleepy from the drugged drink and the convict decides to make his move. He emerges from his hiding place and confronts the sleepy detective who tries to keep him at bay. Jasmine loses her gun in the struggle and is chloroformed to sleep while her plump all-natural boobs are fondled mercilessly! (This is a nicely choreographed scene which is VERY HOT!)

Now with the helpless girl detective in his arms he carries her to the sofa and ties her up. Jasmine is vigorously breast fondled until she wakes up. She is handgagged and teased about being the man's helpless plaything, then she's tightly cleave gagged and left to struggle. Jasmine rolls all over the sofa trying desperately to get free before the man returns. She "MMMPH"s heavily as she struggles to free herself. Eventually Jasmine gets to her feet and hops over to the phone. She bends over and tries to dial for help.....

...but the man returns just in time to handgag her and carry her back to the sofa before she can finish the call! Jasmine is punished for her escape attempt by getting intensely groped and is forced to watch as the man soaks a 'chloroform gag mask' right in front of her! Jasmine begs through her cleave gag for mercy as the chloroform mask is strapped over her beautiful face and she mummbles many words of protest as she's drugged by the fumes. Jasmine's protests become less intelligible as she slowly loses the battle (this is one really hot scene of vocal protesting). The gorgeous brunette fights as long as she can before the fumes overwhealm her and force her to sleep. The man gloats over his prize as he continues to fondle her plump breasts.

Jasmine is bound to a chair and wakes up to a black gloved hand clamped tightly over her mouth! The man is continuing with his revenge and stuffs the beauty's pouting mouth with a wad of cloth and seals her lovely lips with several strips of duct tape! Jasmine is fondled and teased as she struggles against her bonds then the man leaves to prepare the next stage of torment. Jasmine mummbles and moans erotically through the duct tape as she struggles in vain to get free. Eventually the man returns and resumes his fondling of her lovely body. Jasmine protests intensely as she's slowly stripped of her panties and left naked for his pleasure!

At the end of the scene Jasmine hops around the house completely naked (bound with ropes and gagged 'over-the-mouth' with a white scarf) looking for a way out. She is caught before she can escape by the man, who straps a chloroform gag mask over her gagged face and lets her try to finish her escape. SPOILERS: Jasmine doesn't make it very far. She collapses to the floor and tries to crawl over to the phone, only to slowly pass out before she reaches it.

Next Jasmine is talking to her girlfriend on the phone about a strange man stalking her (in her cute white 'dreamgirl' tank-top and tight red 'butt hugging' shorts). She is unaware of the man slipping into her house through the back door until it's too late! He is anxious to kidnap the luscious brunette and cannot wait to make her his bondage slave so he strikes imediately, while she's still talking on the phone! Jasmine is suddenly grabbed from behind and chloroformed as the man hungrily gropes her big boobies and warns her about resisting him. Jasmine struggles as hard as she can before the fumes eventually drug her to sleep. When she passes out she's carried away 'over the shoulder'.

Jasmine wakes up sitting in a chair, her hands and feet securely bound. She is suddenly handgagged and teased by the man as he liberally fondles her plump breasts. When Jasmine gets too noisy the man gags her with several strips of surgical tape and forces her to look at herself in the mirror. Jasmine suprises him with her defiance when she pulls herself out of the chair and hops around looking for a way to get free. The man is impressed with her independent nature and becomes more determined than ever to tame her sassy body. He grabs the protesting girl and fondles her while she struggles defiantly then forces her to bend over and spanks her round ass for trying to get away!

He then throws her back in the chair and tapes her to it using a whole roll of surgical tape! Jasmine is left to pout in front of the mirror and reflect on her helplessness, Later the man returns and chloroforms her to sleep for the next bondage lesson!
Jasmine is a college schoolgirl (with her hair in pigtails and wearing a cute plaid skirt) who is the drugged victim of a kidnapper seeking ransom from her wealthy father. The man puts the innocent girl through bondage torment while she's his prisoner. He tape-ties her to a chair wearing only her panties and hand gags her while he fondles his prize. The helpless brunette is then tightly gagged with a roll of tape wound around her head several times and is subjected to more fondling! The man leaves to pick up her ransom while Jasmine struggles and moans for release! Will the gorgeous captive ever escape?






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