Jasmine is back for another sexy collection of kinky scenes featuring the all-natural buxom brunette getting chloroformed, kidnapped, bound, gagged, boob fondled, spanked, foot fondled, etc!

The first scene begins as undercover girl detective Jasmine (in a white tank top, tight blue jeans, and open-toe sandals) tracks a band of criminals to their hideout. She enters with gun drawn and arrogantly tries to make the bust all by herself. She is quickly outsmarted, attacked, disarmed and chloroformed before she realizes what's happening to her! Jasmine puts up a great struggle while the bad guy roughly gropes her big all-natural boobs! Soon the detective damsel passes out in the man's arms and he throws her over his shoulder. He smacks her tight blue jean ass while he carries her into the other room, then lays her on a bed and continues fondling her beautiful body.

The buxom beauty awakens from her chloroform nap to find herself a bound with duct tape, a helpless prisoner of the men she came to bust! Jasmine struggles to get free but one of the men comes in and handgags her before she can cry for help! He fondles the helpless detective's big boobs and delights in taunting her! Jasmine is soon gagged with several strips of duct tape (she pleads desperately as each strip is applied)! The man fondles her some more then lets her struggle for a while on the bed. Jasmine "MMMPH"s and squirms as she attempts to escape her perilous predicament, even getting to her feet and hopping toward the door only to be captured again and taken back to the bed.

Jasmine is soon stripped of her top and is heavily fondled and spanked as the man teases her about being so hepless! He then removes her sandals and fondles her bare feet with glee as she protests through her gag! Eventually the man decides to put the lovely detective to sleep for the night so he chloroforms her, much to the dismay of the bound damsel!
Next Jasmine is a secretary (in pantyhose and high heels) who is kidnapped and bound with duct tape! The brunette beauty awakens to a firm hand covering her mouth and is roughly breast fondled by her captor! Jasmine tries to protest but is soon gagged with several strips of duct tape! She "MMMPH"s and moans in dismay as her big boobs are fondled by the taunting fiend! He lets her struggle for a while before returning and freeing her pantyhose feet from her shoes so that he can gleefully fondle them! Jasmine's skirt is pulled up and her bare muff is exposed as she struggles! Eventually the man returns and chloroforms the struggling beauty to sleep! What will be the poor girl detective's fate?

Next Jasmine is a bikini model who is combing her hair in front of a mirror when a masked stalker suddenly appears and chloroforms her from behind! Jasmine is slowly drugged to sleep as the man hungrily gropes her big boobs! He then throws his sleeping captive over-the-shoulder and carries her away! Jasmine wakes to find herself tied up in her own bathroom! The man enters and handgags the buxom damsel before she can scream for help, fondling her boobs to let her know what awiats her!

He taunts the helpless beauty and cleave gags her for being so noisy! He then continues to fondle and torment Jasmine then leaves while she struggles to get free. Poor Jasmine "MMMPH"s until the man's partner comes in to videotape her struggles (a nice 'point-of-view' shot) and taunts her as well! Jasmine tries to kick at the camera but the man grabs her bare feet and fondles them as she moans in dismay! Soon Jasmine is chloroformed again! What will become of the helpless bikini model?

Next Jasmine (wearing a blue skirt, blue striped top and open-toe sandals) talks to her friend on th phone about a guy who wants to shoot pictures of her in bondage! She says how she feels about the subject but is suddenly chloroformed from behind and fondled! Jasmine's big boobs are groped intensely as she is slowly put to sleep! The man throws her over his shoulder and carries her away! The man then binds Jasmine (some on-screen tying) to a chair and when the brunette beauty awakens he handgags her, fondles her boobs, taunts her, then gags her with white tape! Jasmine struggles and we get some great panty shots as she squirms and "MMMPH"s! The man returns later and chloroforms her again! What will become of poor Jasmine'?

The final scene is Jasmine bound with duct tape in a black dress (she's also barefoot) that shows off her cleavage. The helpless damsel is handgagged, gagged with duct tape and heavily fondled! Jasmine struggles and protests beautifully and is eventually chloroformed at the end! What will be the buxom beauty's fate?





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