1 hour / 10 min.
Starring: Jenni Lee and Shannon (Ropework by Vincent)


Brittney Spears look-alike Jenni Lee stars in this exciting costumed bondage epic as the super crime-fighting lady of justice POWER GIRL! Evil crooks are trying to steal a government tape with top secret plans and Power Girl has been entrusted to deliver it safely while an innocent decoy has been set up to take the fall. Power Girl lays in wait and watches as the beautiful blonde decoy is chloroformed and carried away so that she can track the bad guys back to their hideout.

Power Girl calls the governer to tell him the news but she ignores his advice to immediately deliver the tape and tells him that it is her responsibility to rescue the kidnapped blonde. She sneaks into the hideout to try and save the decoy but she is jumped and chloroformed by a masked thug who reveals that "The decoy trick worked"! Power Girl is carried away and bound spread eagle on a bed. She awakens and begins to struggle when suddenly the 'decoy' enters in full costume as THE EMPRESS! The evil blonde beauty teases Power Girl with the tape and handgags her when she goes into her 'fighting for justice' speech.

Next The Empress gags Power Girl with several strips of tape, unmasks her and straps an orgasm-inducing device (The Orgasmatron) to Power Girl's crotch. She then fondles the super beauty as she struggles and gyrates helplessly under the influence of the cruel electro-orgasm device! The Empress gives Power Girl a good rub-down before she leaves to hide the tape. Power Girl is rocked into ecstacy by the Orgasmatron but eventually breaks free and begins to untie her feet. The Empress returns with a bottle of chloroform and prepares to knock Power Girl out before she can escape. Power Girl wrestles with her (while still tape-gagged) and turns the tables on her, chloroforming the blonde villainess with her own cloth!

 Power Girl indulges in fondling and torturing the beautiful masked woman with the chloroform, keeping her in a half conscious state by re-applying the cloth to her face every few seconds as she questions her about the location of the tape. At first the Empress is defiant but eventually ends up too groggy to resist and finally reveals where she hid the tape so that she can comfortably embrace sleep. Power Girl knocks the Empress out completely and leaves to get the tape. Just as she retrieves the tape one of the henchmen sneaks up on her and chloroforms the confident super beauty to sleep. The 2 henchmen decide to leave both costumed cuties to their fate and bind both of them together on the bed.

As each of them awakes they are tightly gagged and teased about their fate. A bomb is attached to the super women and they are left to deal with their peril while helplessly bound and gagged! The helpless costumed beauties struggle and "MMMPH" quite a bit until Power Girl is able to free herself. She unties the Empress and disposes of the bomb but the Empress takes advantage of Power Girl and chloroforms her so that she can escape. Is this the end of the Empress or does she have something else in store for our costumed lady of justice?

In the next scene Power Girl meets the new artist for her comic book and begins to model for him. Soon the artist tricks the confident super woman by talking her into letting him tie her up. Power Girl is reluctant at first, but finally agrees as long as it will 'help the quality of the comic'. As soon as Power Girl is tightly bound to a chair the artist begins to take advantage of her helplessness. He fondles Power Girl's breasts and when she realizes that she's been tricked he gags her with a roll of electrical tape. Power Girl is helpless to prevent the artist from drawing her in bondage so he starts to sketch her while she struggles and moans through her gag. What will become of the super beauty?

Next Power Girl visits a fan (played with great improvisation by ropemaster Vincent) who won her comic contest "Spend a day with Power Girl" and is very confident and cheerful. The fan showers her with praise and confesses his devotion to her comic while soaking a cloth with chloroform behind her back. When he catches Power Girl off guard he chloroforms her to sleep and ties her up on his bed in a strict elaborate hogtie. The tying takes a while (partially shown on-screen tying) so he has to keep chloroforming the super heroine to keep her from struggling until he's finished.

When Power Girl wakes up the fan begins to obsess over her until Power Girl screams for help. The fan is outraged and cleave gags her to muffle her screams. He leaves her to struggle for a while before returning to change her gag. He complains that the neighbors might hear her so he ballgags her! Power Girl is helpless to free herself from her bonds and eventually begins to drool from her ballgag as she struggles and moans for release. Will the fan be merciful or will the super beauty become his personal bondage slave? Find out in this exciting superheroine bondage epic!




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