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The Star Duo are on the scene and ready to do battle with evil white slavers as their city full of beautiful women is threatened by the dastardly kidnappers! Raven-haired beauty Staragana and the lovely new brunette incarnation of Star Girl deliver incredible sexually stimulating performances and interact wonderfully in their debut release which is not to be missed by fans of truly hot super heroine bondage action!

In the opening scene Stargana and Star Girl infiltrate the bizarre lair of the white slavers! (A strange and beautiful place with color schemes that perfectly compliment the super heroine theme!) Striking powerful poses and full of confidence the Star Duo walk through the complex, talking to each other about the slavers' whereabouts and on the lookout for any dirty tricks the fiends might spring upon them! Suddenly Stargana's prior 'brainwashing' is activated and she instantly turns against her super heroine sidekick!

Pulling out a chloroform handkerchief Stargana suddenly covers Star Girls face and smothers her with the anesthetic fumes! Star Girl is completely shocked and "MMMPH"s intensely as her plump boobs are groped heavily by the now perverted Stargana! The evil super heroine tells her struggling partner to submit and tells her that she's been brainwashed by the slavers! As Star Girl slowly begins to lose the fight she "mmmph"s in feeble dismay as the chloroform drugs her into unconsciousness! She finally passes out with some very sexy "mmmmm"s and beautifully fluttering eyelids! Stargana intensely gropes her fallen super sister and tells her that she's going to be all hers to do with as she pleases!

While Star Girl is knocked out she is bound with white tape by Stargana on a sofa in the white slavers' lair! Star girl slowly wakes up and Stargana quickly hand gags her! The brainwashed super villainess fondles Star Girl's boobs as she 'MMMMMPH's in distress! When Stargana finally takes her hand away Star Girl tells her brainwashed partner that she has betrayed her and tries to reason with her heroine sister, but Stargana tells her that she must be gagged and shows her a strip of white tape! Star Girl protests but Stargana presses the tape over her pleading mouth and teases her, telling her that she's 'so pretty' and commenting on the tightness of the tape as she continues to run her fingers over Star Girl's gag! She applies even more strips as the super beauty "MMMPH"s in despair until Star Girl is effectively gagged!
This is a HOT scene!

Stargana continues to fondle her kidnapped sidekick and says wicked things to her as Star Girl struggles and protests her bondage! The brainwashed super heroine tells her that she's going to convert Star Girl to the side of evil, as she spanks the captive crusader's sweet ass and slaps her boobs repeatedly! Star Girl's expressive reactions and muffled protests are excellent as she is used and abused by her obsessed partner! The leader of the White Slavers appears and comments on the high quality captive that Stargana has brought him. He expresses pleasure at her actions and she becomes even more eager to please her new Master, increasing the ferocity of her groping and kinky comments! Poor Star Girl is subjected to relentless torment (and her beautiful boobs are exposed and intensely groped) until the Slave Master orders Stargana to tend to the other kidnapped girls and super heroines! He tells her to chloroform them and to change their bonds! Stargana obeys and they leave Star Girl to struggle and whimper.

As soon as they are out of sight Star Girl begins to struggle anew! She finally gets to her feet and hops around the complex looking for a way out, "MMMPH"ing as her plump boobs bounce with each jump! Before she can get away she's suddenly grabbed by Stargana who has returned to continue her disciplining! The evil brainwashed dominatrix bends Star Girl over a sofa and spanks her ass for being a bad girl as the helpless bound & gagged heroine cries out through her heavily taped mouth! Star Girl is then subjected to more tormenting until Stargana decides to chloroform her again! What will become of the helpless super heroine?!?

In the next scene Star Girl is forced to battle Stargana in a kinky ritual of perversity! The Master demands that they battle each other until one of them is able to chloroform the other one to sleep. If Star Girl wins she will be allowed to go free! If Stargana wins the battle she will be allowed to do whatever she wishes to her defeated partner! The match begins and the beautiful super heroines attack each other in a desperate attempt to get to the chloroform-soaked cloth that waits only a few feet away! They wrestle each other, handgag each other and spank each other during the battle! Who will win this exciting duel of the Star Duo?!?

Next Stargana has kidnapped her partner Star Girl and ties her up on the floor of a white slavery hideout! She binds the drugged beauty and wakes her up when she's done. Star Girl is groggy and can't believe what's happened to her partner! She tries to talk Stargana out of her plans but Stargana quickly ballgags her costumed captive and begins to grope her plump beautiful boobs! Star Girl is roughly fondled and spanked as the brainwashed villainess obeys the commands of The Master! The Evil White Slaver instructs his slave in the art of super heroine discipline and puts the helpless Star Girl through intense bondage torment! Star Girl "MMMMMPH"s beautifully as Stargana's roving hands seek their targets all over her bound and squirming body!

At one point the brainwashed super heroine / villainess lets Star Girl struggle on the floor topless for a while before she returns with a roll of white medical tape! Stargana kneels down over Star Girl, leans close to her face and says that she has learned to love her own submission! She then begins to gag herself with the tape! The obsessed 'super slave' indulges in her gag obsession by "MMMMMPH"ing sensually and rubbing her own beautiful boobs as she plasters several strips over her lovely mouth! Star Girl joins her gagged chorus and is shocked to see such deep & kinky submission by her brainwashed partner!

Stargana lovingly rubs the tape over her gagged mouth and becomes incredibly aroused by the sensation of being muffled! She goes wild on Star Girl's body and rubs the struggling, ball gagged super beauty all over while moaning right in her face! Stargana goes into a super sexual gag frenzy and begins to slap her own boobs repeatedly! Star Girl "MMMMMPH"s in horror at seing her partner acting out such bizarre fantasies! Stargana loves the response she gets from Star Girl and even slaps her own pussy as she moans in gagged ecstacy! The scene builds to a wild crescendo of intense fondling and erotic gagged moaning! At the peak of her arousal Stargana chloroforms Star Girl to sleep! When she is done, The Master orders her to chloroform herself! Stargana obeys her Master and lays her head lovingly on Star Girl's naked boob as she chloroforms herself to sleep!

In the next scene Star Girl and Stargana are both bound and gagged together on a sofa! Star Girl wakes up first and chews on her thick cleave gag before fully waking up. She notices Stargana laying next to her drugged unconscious with her mouth heavily taped! Slowly Star Girl's strength returns and she struggles and 'MMMPH's causing Stargana to wake up. Stargana has been even more heavily drugged and takes longer to wake up, but eventually both super heroine beauties are struggling bound and gagged, straining beautifully against their bonds as the sounds of their gagged protesting fills the air! The Slave Master suddenly enters the room (POV shot) and teases them about being so helpless. He mentions that Stargana's brainwashing has been deactivated and taunts the spangled beauty as she "MMMMMPH"s furiously at him! Soon the two super damsels begin rubbing against each other and become incredibly aroused! The Master then tells the helpless super heroines that he has injected them with a powerful aphrodisiac! The Star Duo are in big trouble! They try to fight off the effects of the drug but it becomes too powerful to resist and they can't keep from rubbing up on each other, stretching their bound hands to grab each other's boobs, gag kissing, boob-to-boob rubbing, etc! After an erotic wave of bound ecstacy washes over them the two super heriones begin to get very sleepy. The Master then tells them that the drug's after-effects will slowly knock them out! What will be the fate of the captive crusaders?!?

In the final scene Stargana's first solo adventure is revealed! The beautiful super heroine breaks into a white slaver's hideout in her (spangled costume, pantyhose and shiny boots) but she soon finds herself in a more dangerous situation than she expected! Confident and agressive Stargana calls out to the bad guys to come out and face her! One of the thugs sneaks up behind her and tries to chloroform her but she uses her power moves to get free and is just about to deliver her finishing blow when she's distracted by another thug (POV shot)! She heads straight for the new thug ready to do battle but a chloroform cloth is suddenly clamped over her face from behind! This time Stargana is drugged into unconsciousness as her all-natural boobs are fondled and her beautiful muffled protests fade!

The thug has fun with Stargana's beautiful drugged body and when she tries to wake up she's chloroformed again! He then carries away his super captive 'over the shoulder'! When Stargana awakens she finds that she's been bound with duct tape! She tries to demand that the thugs release her but they only taunt her and handgag her while one of them fondles her boobs! Next the sassy super beauty is heavily gagged with several strips of duct tape! She makes lots of great sexy "MMMMMPH" sounds and squirms beautifully as she's relentessly groped and spanked! The thugs have fun teasing, tormenting and stripping their costumed captive naked as she defiantly unleashes a flurry of sexy gag-talk protests! (THIS IS YET ANOTHER SUPER HOT SCENE!) What will be the fate of the star-spangled super heroine?!?
Will the chloroform cloth descend upon her gagged face once more?!?