This is one super HOT super heroine bondage extravaganza! Lots of great struggling scenes, campy dialog as well as lots of tight gagging, multiple chloroformings and lots of fondling!
Star Girl is hot on the trail of sinister criminals when she breaks into their hideout and challenges them with all of her super heroine cofidence! She then goes after them and sneaks around their hideout. When she turns up not race of the criminals she calls out to them again but suddenly gets a face full of chloroform! One of the masked villains grabs her and tries to knock her out but Star Girl breaks free and beats him up!

She holds him up against the wall and tries to get information out of him but the villains are not so easily defeated! He has another trick up his sleeve and Star Girl suddenly finds herself breathing the chloroform fumes again! This time she can't escape and is fondled and put to sleep by the villain. He then carries her over the shoulder to a holding cell.
Star Girl wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair so she defiantly demands that she be released only to be tightly handgagged by a thug and teased about her predicament! She tries to warn him against holding her captive but the thug ignores her empty threats and tightly cleave gags the helpless super heroine!

Star Girl defiantly mummbles her protests and struggles intensely as her breasts are freely fondled then she's left to struggle for a while. She is just beginning to free herself when the man returns with a bottle of chloroform and a handkerchief. Star Girl tries to be defiant as he soaks the cloth but she's soon knocked out. Next Star Girl is bound with electrical tape and wakes up to a tight hand gag! The thug teases her and fondles her lovely body while she squirms in his grip.

He delights in hearing her threats but gags her anyway. He tightly wraps the super beauty's mouth with tape and leaves her to struggle and fume with anger! Star Girl struggles intensely and tries to get away even by hopping all around the hideout but the villains eventually find her and she's helpless to outrun them while tightly bound and gagged! The thug grabs her and fondles her heavily for trying to escape, then he stuffs her in a nearby closet and locks the door. Star Girl's gagged protests are so loud she can even be heard when the door is closed!

Later the man returns and pulls the protesting heroine out of the closet to have some fun with her while he's on his break. Lots of hand gagging and breast / ass groping commences as Star Girl fumes with burning defiance! To quell her protests the man chloroforms her to sleep and has his fun while she's unconscious. Later the guard on duty makes the mistake of leaving Star Girl untied while fondling her unconscious body. While he talks on the phone with his back turned the drugged super heroine awakens and takes advantage of the opportunity. She suddenly beats the thug to a pulp and stands over him while striking a triumphant pose and making a campy speech.

In the next scenario Star Girl comes home one day to find an obsessed comic book fan waiting inside for her! She is shocked and demands that he leave but the fan quickly plays to her ego and talks her into doing some power moves just for him. Star Girl loves to show off so she gives him a few power moves to amuse him. When she aks him to leave the fan's friend suddenly sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her! Star Girl is heavily fondled as she is slowly chloroformed by the other obsessed fan and is carried over to her bed where she's bound and rendered helpless.

When she wakes up Star Girl is immediately handgagged and fondled by one of the fans while the other shoots thescene on his video camera! Star Girl tries to argue with the fans and tell them that it's wrong to do this to her but the fans have waited too long to live out their fantasy and Star Girl is soon ball gagged while defiantly protesting. The fan continues to record the scene while his buddy gropes Star Girl as she struggles and "Mmmmph"s. They soon reveal their plans to have Star Girl pose for a new bondage comic illustrated by the legendary superheroine bondage artist Mr. X!

In the next scenario Star Girl is practicing her power moves and is suddenly jumped from behind by a masked thug! He chloroforms and fondles the super beauty until she passes out then he carries her over the shoulder to a safe place where he can fondle her quietly. He binds Star Girl who wakes up and is quickly handgagged! The thug tells her that his partners need her to be put 'under wraps' while they loot the city, so his job is to keep her wrapped up and quiet while they do their work. Star Girl's defiant protests are muffled by a thick, tight cleave gag and she's fondled while struggling intensely. He leaves her for a while but returns before she can escape and chloroforms her to sleep.

Star Girl has an important conversation on the phone with the commissioner about a recent epidemic of super heroine kidnappings by the sinister Dr. O. She talks about his methods of binding and gagging the superheroines and agrees to stay in hiding while the cops try to catch the criminal. Unfortunately a leak in the deaprtment allows Dr. O to learn where Star Girl is hiding and the super beauty soon finds herself chlorforomed and fondled by the perverse villain who ties her up on her bed and places an orgasmic generator between her legs! Star Girl struggles and "Mmmmph"s in forced ecstacy as she tries in vain to dislodge the orgasmic device before it can dominate her! Will she get free in time to prevent the cataclysmic orgasm? Find out in the exciting conclusion!



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