$35 DVD
1 Hour

Featuring: Star Girl, Staria, Amerigana and Tara Bush



Introducing an all new Star Girl, her cute new buxom blonde sidekick Staria, Wrestling superstar turned super heroine Tara Bush, and even an exciting finale team-up of Amerigana and Star Girl! This is a sexy and kinky DVD filled with sexy battles, nice on-screen gagging scenes, lots of nice chloroform scenes, and beautiful super babes galore!

In the first scene a newly regenerated Star Girl helps her new sidekick Staria put together her costume. (Both super beauties are gorgeous blondes with great bodies and awesome super heroine attitudes) Star Girl compliments her sidekick on her costume and leaves to get some boots for Staria. While she's gone Staria admires herself in the mirror and smiles charmingly. Behind her a thug sneaks into her dressing room and creeps up behind her with chloroform cloth in hand! Staria is taken completely by suprise as the chloroform pad is clamped over her beautiful face and her all-natural boobs are clenched by a hungry hand!

Staria gives it her best in the desperate battle but she's inexperienced and the thug is well-skilled in the art of super heroine abduction! Staria "MMMPH"s admirably as she's slowly drugged and heavily fondled by the smiling fiend! After an intense struggle Staria eventually passes out with some beautiful eye rolling and sexy moaning! Then the knocked out super beauty is carried over-the-shoulder (her buttcheeks smacked and groped) to a spot across the room where the thug can fondle her in peace! Star Girl eventually returns but can't find Staria anywhere.
(The camera then pans over to show Staria being fondled by the thug who holds her out of view, the chloroform pad pressed over her mouth and her lovely eyes rolling sleepily)! When Star Girl leaves the room to look for her missing sidekick the thug carries Staria over-the-shoulder across the room to her bed and lays her there for Star Girl to find (the thug gives Staria another dose of chloroform to keep her out for the coming battle)!

Star Girl returns and gasps when she sees Staria knocked out on her bed. She tries to wake her drugged partner but it's no use, and the distraction has allowed the thug to creep up behind her undetected! Star Girl is caught completely off-guard when the chloroform pad clamps over her face and the thug's hand latches onto her star-spangled boobs! The thug gleefully teases the struggling super heroine as he slowly chloroforms her to sleep!

Star Girl struggles well but the chloroform is one of her weaknesses and it soon saps her super strength! Eventually she is a sleepily moaning eye-rolling puppet in the man's arms! He lays the super damsel across the lap of the still unconscious Staria (this is a very cute shot showing the beautiful ass of Star Girl as she is draped over the sleeping body of Staria). Staria is bound on-screen with medical tape and wakes to find that Star Girl has been kidnapped! Realizing that she is now on her own Staria decides to talk tough! As her hands are being bound with tape she says some great super lines of campy dialog before getting handgagged by the thug! He teases her with a wad of cloth then stuffs it in her defiant mouth!

Staria suffers the indignity of being gagged by several strips of medical tape and begins to show signs of folding under the pressure! Staria is absolutely beautiful in bondage! Her struggles and "MMMPH"s are very cute and sexy! She always seems to teeter on the edge of defiance and whimpering dismay! The super sidekick reacts beautifully as her big all-natural boobs are pulled from her costume and heavily groped! (some nice 'point-of-view' groping here) She is teased and tormented while she struggles. Eventually the thug returns and chloroforms her back to sleep!

When the thug returns he finds that Staria has escaped! He suddenly turns to find the super heroine standing behind him and a battle takes place! Who will win?!?

In the next scene Staria is talking on her communicator to Star Girl. She talks about how they were both chloroformed, bound and gagged, etc. Then she tells Star Girl that a fan of her first comic book issue has won a contest to 'spend the day with Staria' and that he will be arriving soon. Before Star Girl can warn her naive sidekick about her experiences the fan shows up and Staria hangs up. The buxom blonde super heroine charmingly greets the winning fan and eventually she finds out that he wants to see her in bondage! Staria tries to talk her way out of it but the fan insists that he has the right to do whatever he wants to her for a full day!

When she continues to protest the fan suddenly handgags her and overcomes her mummbling cries, forcing her to accept his domination. Eventually Staria agrees and is forced to be the kniky fan's plaything! He wastes no time making her his submissive slave and plays with her body at will! He then chloroforms her amid feeble protests as he gropes her boobs with glee! Staria soon passes out and the man puts her in a chair, where she is bound with ropes! He wakes her up and handgags her while groping her lovely boobs! Staria's protests are very sexy and she is soon gagged with white tape!

However her struggles are only begining! Eventually the fan brings out a cherished collector's item, THE ORGASMIC DEVICE which has been used to break the will of many other super heroines! Staria is then subjected to the devastating orgasm-inducing effects of the notorious device! The fan delights in stimulating her by grabbing her boobs while she struggles in orgasmic spasms! What will be the fate of the buxom super damsel?!?

Next Staria's friend (wrestling star Tara) searches for her kidnapped friend and dons Staria's spare costume as a symbolic measure! She tracks the white slavers who are trafficking in abducted super heroines and enters their underground complex. As she sneaks around looking for her fallen sisters Tara is suddenly attacked from behind and chloroformed by a sisnister thug who grabs her big boobs! Tara "MMMPH"s and tries to break free but eventually loses the battle and passes out in the thug's arms. He carries his super captive 'over the shoulder' to a waiting bed and has fun fondling her unconscious body! He then binds Tara's lovely body with ropes (on-screen) and when she wakes up she tries to be defiant and demanding but is hand gagged and then cleave gagged! Tara struggles as she's groped by two of the thugs (some nice 'point-of-view' groping here) and hops around trying to get away! Will she escape or will the chloroform cloth descend once again and force her to join her super sisters in captivity?!?

In the exciting Finale to this super DVD the lengthy crowd-pleasing team-up with Amerigana and Star Girl is epic, featuring a great 'power punch' showdown with two genetically altered white slavery thugs, a double chloroforming of the super beauties and a great side-by-side bondage scene featuring rope, mouth stuffing, different kinds of tape and bandage wrap! This is a REALLY HOT SCENE! Spanking, lots of groping and more excellent chloro scenes featuring the super damsels staring into each other's eyes!




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