1 Hour
Starring: Yuri (with special guest star Akira Lane as 'Silver Stara')



Japanese superheroines 'Solar Girl' and 'Silver Stara' spring into action in this SUPER HOT super heroine bondage release! In the opening scene Silver Stara (Akira Lane in blue outfit, pantyhose) and Solar Girl (Yuri in gold outfit, pantyhose and masked) sneak into the headquarters of The evil White Slavery Organization looking for Amerigana and several other super heroine beauties who have been kidnapped and are being held in bondage! The Japanese Super Beauties creep down the hallway until Silver Stara spots a suspicious entrance. She slips inside to check out the area but Solar Girl stays out in the hall as look-out. A masked thug slowly sneaks up behind Solar Girl (as she looks in the wrong direction) then suddenly clamps a chloroform cloth over her mouth from behind and grabs her sweet boobs!

Solar Girl gasps in shock and her big beautiful eyes open wide as she "MMMPH"s in protest! Solar Girl is slowly drugged as the thug subdues his captive with expert skill! Unfortunately for him Silver Stara hears Solar Girl's muffled protests and hurries back to help her sidekick! Silver Stara attacks the thug with deadly speed and delivers a devastating power punch to his face! He falls back from his drugged victim and he slumps against the wall in defeat. Silver Stara makes the mistake of turning her back to the thug as she tries to help Solar Girl recover from the chloroform! The thug recovers quickly and clamps his cloth over Silver Stara's face, groping her boobs heavily as she struggles and "MMMMMPH"s.

Solar Girl is forced to watch in a half groggy state as her partner and saviour Silver Stara is chloroformed in front of her! Soon Silver Stara passes out in a flurry of rolling eyes and drugged moans. The thug then drops her limp body to the floor and gives Solar Girl the same treatment! Poor helpless Solar Girl is chloroformed to sleep next to her drugged partner and both of the super beauties are finally carried over the shoulder (each in seperate shots) to a secret room!

Solar Girl and Silver Stara are bound by the thug and subjected to bondage torment in a VERY HOT and legthy scene! He fondles their unconscious bodies and when Silver Stara wakes up he handgags her and teases her about being a helpless prisoner before stuffing her mouth with cloth then sealing her lips with several strips of duct tape! Silver Stara struggles and gives plenty of her trademark beautiful "MMMMMPH"ing protests as her boobs are heavily fondled! Solar Girl soon wakes up and gets ballgagged! The two Japanese super damsels struggle wildly and "MMMMMPH" at their captor (and often at each other) as they are boob fondled and teased ! They try to hop away only to be grabbed and fondled for their trouble! Eventually the heroines are left to struggle and that's exactly what they do!

Lots of "MMMMPH"ing and gagged moaning are exchanged between the two helpless Japanese super heroines as they squirm and protest in a desperate attempt to get free! They try in vain to untie each other and they moan in dismay when the thug returns to expose their naked boobs and fondle them some more! Their gag chorus is beautiful as the bound super beauties are subjected to major fondling! Then the man decides to unmask Solar Girl!!! The gorgeous Japanese heroine "MMMMMPH"s in horror is the mask is ripped away from her face exposing her true identity!

Silver Stara moans in pitty as Solar Girl's eyes open wide at the realization that her life will never be the same! The villain mocks the helpless super heroines' plight as they squirm and protest! He finally decides to chloroform them both! Silver Stara is first! The star spangled super heroine is chloroformed to sleep in front of the intensely protesting Solar Girl! Next it's Solar Girl's turn! The unmasked heroine is is mercilessly chloroformed to sleep as well and the thug kidnaps Silver Stara, carrying her 'over-the-shoulder' out of the building. What will become of the knocked out super damsels?!?

Solar Girl has escaped from the white slavers but Silver Stara has been kidnapped! Solar Girl is on her own now but is determined to find her abducted super sister! She sneaks up to the white slavers' new hideout and boldly calls them out! She talks tough even as a Master thug sneaks up behind her and clamps a chloroform handkerchief over her gorgeous face! Solar Girl's beautiful eyes open wide as she "MMMMMPH"s in distress! The thug grabs her boobs and squeezes them intensely as he drugs her to sleep! Solar Girl is slowly overpowered and knocked unconscious by the chloroform! She now becomes a prisoner of the white slavers again! The sleeping super heroine is carried over-the-shoulder into the building and is taken to a room where she is laid on a bed and fondled!

The thug has his way with Solar Girl's boobs and ass. When she starts to come around he lets her try to get away only to grab her and chloroform her again! When she wakes up the thug cleave gags her and plays with her body while she struggles and "MMMMMPH"s dramatically! Solar Girl really gives it her all in this scene! She struggles intensely and makes continuously dramatic muffled protests on par with the best bondagettes ever! She hops around, rolls around, and simply gives a great struggle in this scene! Her top is pulled down to expose her naked boobs which are heavily fondled as she moans in horror! There are enough great displays of wide-eyed distress in this one scene alone to fill 3 normal bondage releases! What will be the ultimate fate of the beautiful Japanese super heroine?!?

In the next scene Solar Girl practices her battle moves with a trusted partner. She kicks, punches and blocks as her partner gives her tips. At one point he tells her to turn around so she does. She asks "what do I have to do?" but the answer she gets is a face full of chloroform! The man suddenly chloroforms Solar Girl from behind and grabs her boobs with a hungry hand! She "MMMMMPH"s and her eyes express intense confusion! Before she can be effectively sedated she gives her partner a 'power jab' and breaks free. She turns to him with a shocked expression and says "I trusted you!" But the man quickly grabs her again and this time his hold is much tighter! He clamps the cloth back over Solar Girl's face and completes her chloroforming! The drugged super beauty slowly passes out and is carried over the shoulder and out of the room!

When the thug carries Solar Girl back into the room (over the shoulder) she is bound with white sports tape! He stands her up on her feet and she immediately tries to argue with him so he handgags her and fondles her for good measure! Then he takes his hand away and produces a stip of tape! Solar Girl defiantly calls him a pervert but then begs him not to gag her! He gags her anyway, with several strips of sports tape and fondles her some more before letting her struggle on the floor! Solar Girl puts up her usual excellent struggle complete with sexy gagged protests both defiant and distressed! What will become of the helpless super heroine?!? Will she escape before the villain returns with the chloroform cloth?

In the final scene Solar Girl visits a fan who won her contest 'Spend a Day With Solar Girl' (shot from the fan's point-of-view)! The gorgeous Japanese superheroine shows up happy and perky with that beautiful charming smile of hers only to find out that the fan wants to see her bound and gagged! She tries to get out of her commitment but the fan insists that she obey and that she is bound by the law! The fan's partner handgags the super beauty from behind and fondles her boobs while she "MMMMMPH"s and moans in dismay! The fan then tells her that she will be chloroformed! Solar Girl's reaction is great! She is then slowly chloroformed to sleep in a very sexy scene! The unconscious crusader is then laid out on the floor and bound with duct tape! Then she is brought to her feet and her mouth is taped in beautiful fashion with several strips of duct tape! Solar Girl gives a massive flurry of cute and sexy protests as the fan's partner has his way with her boobs! What do the kinky fans have in store for the taped up super damsel?!?





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